Fantastic Day Trips From Mumbai | Lockdown Road Trip Ideas

Fantastic Day Trips Near Mumbai with Corona Precautions

Places To Visit Near Mumbai in Lockdown – For An Excellent Day Trip

What you do on vacation is all set to change. Picnics and day trips to the countryside will replace museums and tourist attractions for months to come. Workcations will likely replace vacations.

Feeling bored at home? Here is How I Went on a Road Trip While Maintaining Social Distancing and 15 Things to do When Bored. I am sharing the itinerary of two excellent road trip from Mumbai. We found them both absolutely amazing places to visit near Mumbai for 1 day trip in lockdown and it was feasible to do it 100% contactless !

But, why you must consider going on a day trip in today’s world?


  • A vacation lowers your stress level.
  • You drift away from gadgets subconsciously.
  • You create some ever-lasting memories despite these tough times.


  • While a day long trip is not very expensive in itself, packing some of the road trip essentials may run up the cost.
  • Finding a perfect day trip itinerary that can be made possible contactless can be a challenge.

If you are looking for one day stay ideas near Mumbai, Radisson Blu Resort & Spa is the best place to stay in Alibaug.

So, how to make your one day trip in lockdown work?

Rule #1 Plan atleast a couple of days in advance.

Rule #2 Pack in all the santizer kit essentials.

Rule #3 Avoid touristy places like parks, resorts and opt for open spaces such as lakes or hills

Rule #4 Pump up your energy levels and drive out with low expectations.

Now, I am taking you through a couple of breath-taking road trip options near Mumbai through this picture essay. I have explored both these routes and they were made completely contactless.

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Places To Visit Near Mumbai For An Excellent Day Trip in Lockdown

Mumbai to Asangaon Trip

One day trip near Mumbai in lockdown

Distance: 80km Time duration: 2 hours

Day trip from Mumbai – Asangaon

Stopovers on the way

Starbucks & McDonalds on the way in and Burger King on way back. Both are excellent options for picking up contactless brunch as well as restroom breaks. We also carry a toilet seat disinfectant spray as an extra precaution.    

Things to do at Asangaon

The Mahuli Fort is closed right now. There are two stunning hidden spots around here. At about 50 meters trail to the right of the base camp is a waterfall and 50 meters uphill to the left is a river stream which is practically untouched. You can choose to spend the day here, in the water steam, driving around the scenic routes or just roll a mat in an open space for a day picnic.

Road Trips From Mumbai
One day picnic spot in lockdown near Mumbai
Places in Mumbai to visit in lockdown

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Mumbai to Matheran Trip

Things to do in Mumbai during lockdown

Distance: 100 km Time duration: 2 hours

Road trip from Mumbai – MATHERAN

How to go to Matheran

Drive on the Eastern Expressway road to reach Neral, Matheran is about 30 min from Neral on the scenic Mumbai Karjat route.

Stopovers on the way

There are plenty of vantage points along the way. Our first stop was at the ND Studio which is the set of Big Boss and many popular Bollywood films. We also loaded the brunch supplies at the Panvel McDonalds drive thru, completely contact less. The washrooms were operational here with strict social distancing protocol.

Things to do at Matheran

We took a short mountain trail, made a pit stop at a waterfall and went walking along the railway tracks which was super fun. The western ghats are lush green and there are half a dozen vantage points along the route where you can park your car, pull out the foldable chairs and enjoy a meal with view. 

Things to do in Mumbai in lockdown
Day trip near Mumbai
Tourist places near Mumbai within 100 km

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Bucket List Worthy Road Trip Ideas with Social Distancing

Places to visit in lockdown in Mumbai / Where to go in lockdown Mumbai

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  1. You brought back memories of many road trips we had during our Maha stay. Your tips for road trips during this pandemic after months of staying doors are practical.


  2. I agree mini-vacations freshen up our mood. It works great in situations like the current one when everyone is getting bored and know that their long vacation plan still have to wait for everything to get normal.


  3. I have not ventured out yet.. but Asangaon one seems interesting with a little one..thanks for sharing it was really helpful


    1. Asangao n Matheran both r beautiful places to be. We did a road trip to our hme town kolapur frm Mumbai but we made sure v donot stop anywhere n loaded our car with food and sanitizers for the journey.


  4. Wow lovely clicks and you had recalled me my previous travel memories with this post. I agree with recent pandemic situation, we have to plan our trips with extra care. Thanks for sharing useful tips, will help all of us.


  5. Reading about traveling, especially road trips, made me crave to get back our normal days. I have visited Matheron it was my one of the most blissful road trips ever experienced


  6. It must have been such a breath of fresh air to travel after months. We too went for a day picnic with the family and has quite fun there 🙂


  7. Now this is so nostalgic. I remember we had plant a road trip but now because of the pandemic we had to cancel that trip.


  8. These are some fantastic tips and trips that you have mentioned here. Mumbai is a city from where the Konkan belt is close by also the beautiful hills. I would love to be in Matheran someday.


  9. Your post has made me so uneasy. I have ants in my pants and really need to travel ASAP. Mumbai is too far or I would have gone to Matheran 🙂
    When will this Pandemic end? When will we start packing our bags!


  10. Wow, these pictures are so beautiful, making me miss the road trips even more. We have not yet done any road trips during the lockdown but now we are thinking of planning one from Delhi.


  11. Thanks for this. We often go to Mumbai to visit my sister and this list seems perfect for short and quick tips. Will share with her.


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