Where to Buy-Sell Used cars in Mumbai Hassle-free| Cars24 Review

All about Buy-Sale of used cars on CARS24

When I want to buy a used car in Mumbai, the second question I have on my mind is how to sell my used car so I can get a good price. The first of course is, which car to buy!

Selling any used item is a task, especially if you are someone like me who has little patience for such things. Today, I am going to tell you why I feel Cars24 is one of the best sites to sell a used car.

Read my full review to arrive at your own conclusion.

Firstly, what are the options to sell used cars in Mumbai?

There are various options to sell used cars in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, I have tried putting up my previous cars for sale through practically every commonly known channel such as

  • Facebook
  • Garage mechanic
  • Directly to the owner
  • Even online on Olx

Trust me, the amount of co-ordination required is just mind-boggling. What I personally find totally repulsive is the negotiation and peanuts that are offered for my single hand used car. In my head, I always have the buying number as the starting point right! So, there is a desire to get a fair deal.

 Also, I have felt I need to spend an insane amount of time to repeat the entire negotiation process with each buyer who connects with me.  That totally gets to me. Do I see you nodding in agreement too?    

So, is there a HASSLE-FREE way to get good price on sale of used cars in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai?

You would absolutely love to hear a yes, so YES there is a totally hassle-free way to sell used cars in Mumbai and the rest of the country. Viola! At Cars24 Mumbai, the entire car selling is completed in 3 hassle free steps ONLY.

WHY sale of used cars at Mumbai on CARS24 is Hassle-free

Read the step-by-step guide

STEP 1 Used car resale value calculator

Frankly, finding the right resale value for my car has been the biggest grey area when negotiating with garage guy or direct buyer. How do I find the sale price of my used car?

So, this tool is super-duper useful and quick. All I must do is mention the car make, year and some basic model details and I am shown the resell price instantly. Not only that, depending on the condition of my used car, I can check the price range that the car can fetch, directly on the calculator.

How to find the sale price of my used car
Cars24 Calculator

STEP 2 Car24 used Car Inspection

The next step is to book an appointment for car inspection. Based on my pin code, I was shown options for car inspection venue very close to me, with complete address details. I could book the appointment instantly. It was absolutely FREE, and I received the final resell offer based on the physical condition of the car.

What are Cars24 home inspection charges?

There is also an option for home inspection, for a nominal charge of Rs 99.

Easy appointment booking for car sale in Mumbai | Cars24 Dadar address

Cars24 Dadar address

Dadar: Shop No.07 A, Ground Floor, Karishma Building, Naigaun Cross Road, Dadar East-Mumbai
Karsihma Building

Cars24 Navi Mumbai address

Vashi: Shop No. 3 & 4, Maple, Plot No. 715
Sector 11, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Kharghar: Plot No.169, Sec-10, Kopra, Kopara, Sector 10, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Satyam heritage Kharghar

Cars24 Kalyan address

Kalyan: Shop No. 7&8, Sai Sadguru, C.H.S., Bhoirwadi, Birla College Road, Kalyan, West., Bhoirwadi, Kalyan, Birla College

Cars24 Kanjurmarg address

1st Floor, MCGM Parking, near Railway Station, Kanjurmarg East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400421

STEP 3 Sell used car instantly

If the selling price is fair and good, the sale is closed then and there, and the money is transferred instantly. Cars24 takes care of RC book transfer for free!

When is a good time to go for Cars24 inspection process?

Once you are broadly okay with the resale price being offered for your car on the site, take an appointment for inspection closer to the date you are looking at selling the car off. The car will be sold within 2-3 days of inspection.

I put my car in Mumbai for sale at Cars24

Is CARS24 sale process good | Buying Car from Cars24 Review

Firstly, the entire process of selling is fair and transparent. So, suppose you are not satisfied with the final offer made for your car, you can come back after few days and check the offer you are getting on that day. The free quote is an excellent tool, it really helped me arrive at the resale price of my used car. I just love the ease with which Cars24 calculator shows up the number.  And that the car can be sold in 1 single visit. For someone like me, that is a lifesaver feature. Its SAVES time.  

Overall, Calculating Prices at Cars24 is a comfortable experience, easy, hassle free and quick. Most importantly, the entire process is very professionally managed vs dealing with local garage & middle-men, and that is something I truly appreciate.

How I get best price when putting my used cars in Mumbai for sale

Here are a few handy tips that have always worked for me

Looks matter.  So, it may be a good idea to do some cosmetic fixes and refurbishing.Also remove all broken accessories as they may be of limited value addition to the buyer and may make the car look unkept.

Minor fixes such asAC coolant and brake fluids, dangling lights are good to buff up before the inspection.

Negotiation is okay. If you are not getting the expected price, it is okay to turn down the offer and re-evaluate later.

Best Second-Hand Cars to buy in 2020

In my view, it’s always good to look for year of registration, maintenance cost, resale value & most importantly the condition of the car, as key parameters when buying second-hand cars in Mumbai. If you are confused about which car to buy, these are best used cars to buy in 2020.

9 best used cars to buy in 2020
  • Toyota Corolla Altis
  • Mahindra Scorpio
  • Honda City
  • Honda Civic
  • Ford Fiesta`
  • Skoda Laura
  • Hyundai i20
  • Renault Duster
  • Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Having an independent car, especially in lockdown can also give a lot of freedom, in terms of moving around to run errands or to visit places around Mumbai for short trips. Cars 24 had a wide range of used cars in Mumbai for Sale below 1 lakh too!

Tip for buying used cars in Mumbai

Buying a car model that’s discontinued or is on its way out to make room for newer version is an awesome hack to get a good car at reasonable rate.

Second hand cars in Mumbai for Sale below 1 lakh

Also upon Mumbai arrival, incase you are relocation from another country, Cars24 is the best place to buy used cars in Mumbai which is absolutely hassle-free.

What has been your biggest challenge when selling your car? Was it getting a fair price, finding a buyer or did you find the repetitive negotiation process getting to your nerves? Write to me in the comments below.

Loved Cars24 Review | Buy-Sale of used cars in Mumbai

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Cars24 review


      1. Selling used items is a big deal. Usually cars end up in scrap yards but fail to get a buyer that offers good price. Cars24 does provide good service in terms of trusted reviews


  1. So good to know. Thank you for writing back. I feel, Cars24 is a really hassle free way to sell used cars at a good price. I love that the car is sold out really quickly and the process gets wrapped up.


    1. Totally agree, selling used items is usually a big task, nego with so many prospects. Cars24 sells the car in just 1 visit and in just a few days. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


  2. When buying a new car, the first questions that comes is what am I going to do with my existing car? where will I sell it, would I get a good price? Cars24 seems to have all the answers. I am going to tell about this to my Mumbai based friends.


  3. My brother has used car24 services for selling his used car. And had a good experience with it. Thanks a lot for sharing your honest review. liked the way you has explained each and every points with proper detailing.


  4. Earlier selling used cars was an hassel and cars24 has made it very easy and quick with its smooth process of selling the car. Tough we have not tried their services as yet, but for sure it will be our goto when we plan to sell our car.


  5. Very informative and detailed post I must say. I have never bought second hand car but would love to share this information with my friends and family and yes car24 is doing a great as it has made things so simple and easy.


  6. Cars24 is a really hassle free way to sell used cars at a good price. Had heard a lot about it and it was great reading and knowing it in detailed.. Definitely will be sharing this with my cousin who stays at Mumbai..


  7. Car24 is one of the best site to sell used cars. Recently one of my relative sold his car and he is very happy with their service. I am also planning to sell one of my old car.


  8. Car24 seems to be the right choice for selling the car hassle-free. Where all are their services available? As their process seemed to be simple and quick to me.


  9. I had seen your social media post regarding this and I wanted to know more about some pointers for Cars 24. Thankfully I read this indepth post of yours .


  10. Oh we decided to go with OLX when we were trying to sell our car before money was of importance and cars24 wasn’t giving a good deal. But yes they do have a clean and smooth procedure.


    1. I think, a lot of factors play. The process is very tranparent at cars24, making it a bit premium for both buyer and seller as they ensure good quality. Do try some of the tips mentioned on the blog, to get the best sale price on yoru next one.


  11. Selling cars & bikes was a challenge before . Life has become easy in this internet world . I’ve sold many things on OLX . I planning to upgrade my car I shall use Cars 24 . Looking at your review App looks more trustworthy & easy to use . Thank you for the helpful post .


  12. I know someone who had sold her car through this platform and is really happy with the services. We too were thinking of selling our old car to make some room for the new one. Will check this out.


  13. Cars24 is not only in Mumbai but it has a franchise in Ahmedabad too. And yes it is hassle free. I don’t know about buying cars but for selling old cars it is really good!


  14. The best part that I find about Cars24 is that it is safe and yet very exhaustive for buying or selling while keeping the process itself very simple.


  15. Public transport is very essential nowadays. Cars24 sounds like promising platform to buy the right car hassle free


  16. Selling used car is really an hassle. However cars 24 has come up with less hassle and more help. Good to know details about them though.


  17. Selling or buying used cars is a very daunting task. Cars 24 sounds good platform to get the work done Hassle free


  18. The biggest struggle and stress is selling the old vehicle and you have literally solve the puzzle with this valuable information. e have been thinking of getting a new car, however the old car should also get a good value. I will check out this option.


  19. With Car 24 verification process one can be sure that they can be relaxed while buying and selling 4 wheelers through them . All the pointers in the post is the perfect guide for people who are looking for a platform like this.


  20. Wish I’d known about Cars24 earlier. I recently sold my old car to a dealership and had to incur loss as I sold the car at a lower price than what I quoted. Even I have heard from a close friend who sold his Vento last week that Cars24 is one of the best sites to sell used cars.


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