Why Deyga Pre-mature Greying Oil is Effective in Preventing Hair Greying

Which oil prevents premature grey hair | Deyga

How to prevent premature greying of hair naturally, or atleast how to slow down the rate of progression? More importantly is it even possible to stop premature greying of hair?

I have done a lot of reading on this matter and I was frankly surprised to know that there are a few things that can be done to control the situation. I am sharing my personal experience on what to do to slow down premature greying of hair, hope you find this useful.

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What starts premature greying of hair?

It’s a known fact that deficiency of vitamin B, zinc, and copper cause early appearance of grey hair.  Genetics is the most important contributing factor of course. And we can’t trade our parents!

But what happens when we are in a habit of being stressed – on small matters or big. Our body gets a finite reserve of nutrients everyday and these get directed automatically towards stress fighting as that’s more important for our existence, hence leaving very little behind for hair.

Yes, it’s the same set of nutrients that are also responsible for aiding melanin production.  This happens almost on a daily basis, leading to a highly depleted layer of melanin and eventual premature greying of hair.

So that, in a nutshell, is the science behind why stress causes premature hair greying.

How to slow down and prevent further greying of hair?

Now is there a way to slow down this progression of hair greying. Going stress-free is often easier said than done, as we all are so hard-wired, but that’s undoubtedly #1  on the list.

What’s surely DOABLE is to supply targeted nutrition to hair. There are small changes that I have easily incorporated in my diet, we’ll talk about it in a little while from now. It is also very possible to supply nutrition through certain Ayurvedic oils that are especially targeted to slow down premature greying of hair.

What does Deyga Pre-mature Greying Oil contain?

that makes it effective in preventing greying of hair

Deyga Organics Pre-mature Greying Oil contains a well-researched mix of ayurvedic oils to provide optimal nourishment to the hair. I feel right proposition of these oils is very important in supplying the required amount of nutrition and hence I am more inclined towards buying this oil, vs making my own DIY bottle.

Plus, I could never say confidently that locally sourced individual oils were chemical free. And it’s important to keep the toxin overload low when dealing with hair greying. Honestly, its way more expensive to buy organic for each of these oils, leave alone the hassle of finding one.

Ingredients in Deyga Hair Oil

  • Moringa
  • Castor Oil
  • Bhringaraj Oil
  • Benne Oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Heena
Deyga Pre mature Hair Oil Ingredients
Deyga premature greying oil ingredients

Benefits of Deyga Pre-mature Greying Oil

  • Rich in keratin
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents hair from damage
  • Loaded with powerful ingredients to repair scalp & slow down greying.

How to apply premature hair greying oil for maximum benefit

  1. Use the hair root applicator
  2. Apply the oil directly in the scalp
  3. Massage gently to boost blood circulation

Note : It’s important to massage points on the scalp from where the grey hair is shooting out, so I don’t miss this step.

What I like MOST

  • Deyga oils are certified Organic, so I am assured there in no toxin overload on my hair
  • There is no wastage as the applicator design is really good. Oils reach the hair root directly. It comes out slowly, so after application there is no oil smudging on my face.

What I DONT like

Packaging could have been more plush, but that’s probably to optimise the cost on using high quality ingredients.

Deyga Hair Greying Oil Price

Rs 550/- for 100ml

It can last upto 1-3 months depending on frequency of your application. Applying more is obviously better. The shelf life of this hair oil is 6 months from manufacturing.

Small changes I made to my diet

for preventing premature hair greying

  • I drink water from a copper jug
  • Have anjeer, dates on empty stomach daily
  • 1 raw tomato daily
  • Included an additional high protein items like chhole or paneer daily

These are some yoga asanas to reduce grey hair. Visit http://www.deyga.in for more details.

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  1. I already have gray hair and love them. This looks like a good product. I have read that Deyga products are quite effective.


  2. I have heard a lot about deyga products. I will try this one for sure. Also thanks for sharing tips to prevent premature hair graying .


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