Simple Lifestyle changes that actually Help in Weight Loss

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We all know weight loss is determined by two factors: Diet and exercise. Diet occupies 80%, and exercise occupies 20% of their contribution. Apart from these two factors, there is another inevitable factor that also plays a vital role in the fitness journey.

If I say “lifestyle change” is another factor, you may wonder, “eating healthy foods and working out regularly together come under a category called lifestyle, don’t they”?

Yes. But there are some other lifestyle steps or measures that aid in losing weight, without falling under the diet and exercise category. We are going to look at those tips along with diet-related tips as well.

These lifestyle changes are not only going to help you out in losing weight but also make you feel confident about yourself and your lifestyle.

Keep moving whenever possible

When your lifestyle is sedentary— irrespective of your daily workouts and diet— your health is at risk.

There are people out there, who work out regularly and eat healthy foods, but keep on sitting for long hours without any movement. It ruins their hard work.

Prolonged sitting is the home to a number of diseases of this modern generation. Try to give movements to your body whenever possible.

  • Stretch your arms and legs at regular intervals whenever possible, either in your office or your home.
  • Go for a 2-min walk once an hour.
  • Reduce usage of vehicles for shorter distances.
  • Don’t keep a water bottle around you. Always keep it in another room so that you have to get up from your place to have water.

These are just a few tips to help you, but it’s in your hand to bring them into action.

Try to make and make use of each and every opportunity around you to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Stand or sit straight

If you can’t stretch your arms and legs in your office, here is the alternate option which is no lesser than the previous one.

How to do?

The key point here is to ensure that you are not slouching your upper body and not letting your belly sag; instead, try to suck your belly as much as you can and keep your upper body straight.


Once you start practicing sitting straight, you’ll get the following benefits.

  • It helps in improving your posture. If you have a hunchback, it’ll be reduced.
  • It’ll make your belly area get sucked in and results in losing belly fat in the long run.

Stay between starving and overeating

One of the biggest mistakes beginners do is skipping their meals or considering their diet as it’s all about eating fruits and veggies. Both are wrong.

Our body requires a certain amount of nutrients to perform all its functions.

Hence, skipping meals doesn’t help you out in losing weight, instead, it causes nutrient deficiency which leads to severe health issues. We don’t want to complicate things.

On the other hand, we know overeating ends up in gaining weight.

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So, what to do then?

The best practice is staying between starving and overeating. In order to do that, you should stop eating once you no longer feel hungry.

In simple words, diet is all about consuming nutritious foods in the right portions.

Walk after your meals

Walking after a meal is one of the most underrated fitness tips. It is a great way to prevent the development of belly fat, reducing belly fat or waist inches.

How to do?

Right after every meal, go for a mild walk which takes 10-15 mins. You can practice this even in your room, terrace, or wherever you feel comfortable.

What not to do?

  • Sitting or lying down once you complete your meal
  • Brisk walking or jogging

Listen to your body

Listening to our body is the most crucial step in staying fit and healthy or whatever our fitness goals could be.

Either how much you need to eat or how long you need to workout, your body is the one who decides(or even suffers!).

It tries to communicate by exposing certain symptoms or any other signs.

For instance, you could’ve noticed when you begin to overeat, there would be burglar alarms ringing in your mind to prevent you from overeating.

Therefore, always be all ears and obedient to your body in every circumstances—it’s totally worth it!

Mitigate sugar and refined flour intake

This is the first tip I always say and recommend when someone asks me about my weight loss. When you reduce the consumption of these two, you’ve crossed the most difficult step in fitness.

No one can actually quit sugar and refined flour, especially in the initial days. So, that is why I suggested mitigating their usage.

You may ask me, in order to lose weight and stay fit, Should I need to quit sweet foods?

The answer is ‘no’. You don’t have to.

Sugar, in fact, can be categorized into two categories. One is natural sugar and the other is refined sugar or artificial sugar.

The sugar I mentioned to quit or mitigate is the artificial one as it had undergone several chemical processes.

The first category includes jaggery, palm sugar, and honey. You can consume these sweeteners in mild dosages without feeling guilty.

Maida or whole-purpose flour can be replaced with whole wheat flour, ragi, and oats (available in the local markets).

Show off as a fitness junkie

Sounds ridiculous, right? You might not have heard about this tip, but it worked well for me.

In the initial stages of my fitness journey, even before I got results, I used to say that I workout regularly. It pumped up my inner confidence to workout much harder.

If you try once, you could feel the joy and pride I experienced as a fitness junkie.

Avoid too much shopping

No matter how disciplined you are, if your fridge is stuffed with your favorite snacks, the situation goes out of control.

Even if you’ve planned to buy healthier ones, when we come across the chocolates and cookies section, you can’t deviate your mind away from them.

It’s always better to reduce the frequency of shopping so we end up buying lesser healthier options.

Adapt a hobby involving physical activity

If you are not a fan of doing exercises, having a hobby that invloves physical activity aids you stay fit and healthy.

The hobby can be anything: dancing, swimming, or playing any sport of your choice.

These are the tiny steps you can start implementing in your lifestyle if you are a complete beginner and serious about your health and self-confidence as well. Trying out these tips will take some time to exhibit the outcome.

Enjoy the process and be patient to reap the fruitful benefits. Please let us know by sharing your progress with us.

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