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AnUrbanNomadic is all about confessions of part-time traveler and full-time mother.

So Hola and welcome to my Travel & Lifestyle blog. My name is Mandavi Jaiswal and I am a blogger, writer and social media influencer who technically lives in Mumbai.

“A die hard romantic, self confessed perfectionist, a really really bad cook turned home-chef and hopefully a writer in the making, that describes me !! Mother of two absolutely adorable kids, wife to a caring husband and daughter to the most loving parents, I am always ears to all good things in life !! 11 years of corporate experience, two wonderful years as a hyperlocal startup cofounder, I have many interesting stories to tell. Read on!!”

I stumbled upon the concept of blogging while I was experimenting with ‘internet things’ at the fag end of startup bubble in 2016.  And there on, I have blogged quite a bit on India’s #1 parenting site Momspresso, where I have close to 10 million views across my articles and a place as Top mom blogger in India. You may like to read my TOI stories or WomensWeb posts, YouthKiAawaz posts & Parent Circle posts.

You may also see me occasionally featured as freelance travel writer in India’s #1 parenting magazine –  Parent Circle

If you love to travel, I promise you will get glued to my Instagram , we have travelled to 32 countries and 100+ cities so far.  We love travelling and when you travel with loved ones we believe it is home in motion. And time is so prescious, so we waste it wisely 🙂

What is AnUrbanNomadic all about?

I believe every journey of 1000 miles begins with one tiny SINGLE step. And every single road you travel has twists and turns. And that I may not know where I am going but whats important is to KNOW that I am right.

I have seen the lows and complete highs of life, motherhood and daughterhood.  And yes food. So you will see me whip up super quick food hacks, mommy tips & growing up stories, web series that I am charged guilty to have binge watched and an insane amount of travel stories from India and across the planet.

Oh before I forget,  I am a fitness freak and  I LOVE shopping. So you can totally rely on me if you want to be a shopaholic in any part of the world or take a peek into my post pregnancy weight loss journey.

I am also a tech geek, with a B.Tech Comp Science for education. So you can turn to me for blogging related geeky stuff or for decoding social media algorithms.

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