Does your Good Milk check all the boxes and is it worth the spend?

Read about what really is good milk, types of good milk products and its benefits

What exactly is good milk, why does good milk cost more and does it make sense to switch to just one food item in the kitchen to high form of purity? Those were the exact first questions that popped in my head when I started thinking about moving to a purer, unadulterated form of milk.

But why switch to good milk? Why this thought?  

A lot has been said over last decade about adulteration in milk in the form of detergent, urea etc. But did I pay a heed, hell no! It was only after I stepped into my 30s or let’s say after my kids were born that I really started paying attention to what was being put into our bodies EVERYDAY.

Like any Indian, I have had turmeric with milk ever since I can remember, as a cure for cold. Milk benefits are so many, it’s been a wholesome source of nutrition, across all ages in my family, be it in the form of curd, ghee, panner or just plain glass of milk. Truth is, milk is one staple food that we ‘rely’ on for health benefits. And if that’s coming loaded with toxins, hormones and detergents then I might as well start saving up for medical bills. Or instead switch over to good milk subscription.

What are milk benefits?

Apart from commonly known milk benefits such as bone & teeth development, rich source of protein, I love milk as it

  • Prevents heart burn.
  • Curbs the craving for junk food.
  • Is an excellent stress buster, as hot masala milk or tea.

What are different types of milk in India?

Traditional Milk Pouch – easy and affordable

I have been a consumer of regular pouch milk for the longest that I can remember mainly because it was easily available and affordable. But unfortunately, this variety of milk has been subjected to maximum debate on adulteration.  

Tera Pack – mid range, mid way

So, once I drifted myself from the traditional milk pouch, I ordered in cartons of tetra pack milk. The carton pack gives a feel that it’s impossible to tamper, isn’t it. And that was my reason for the switch. Its low on bacteria and doesn’t require boiling, so definitely a better choice over traditional pouch milk. However, any tera pack, which states a shelf life of 6 months does comes with its own set of biases.

Good & Happy Milk – expensive but 100% PURE

Farm to home, hormone or antibiotic free and absolutely nothing added or removed, as Sarda Farm says, is the purest form of milk I can think of. Hence Sarda milk has been my goto happy & good milk company for past 3 years as that’s the kind of milk I want my body to be nourished with.

What does Good milk mean and is it worth the spend?

Good milk is one that’s given by a closely monitored group of cows that are reared exclusively on the company’s farm. These healthy cows are fed a well-balanced diet comprising green grass and other nutrient rich fodder which is free of any pesticide and chemicals hence eliminating them completely from the resultant milk.

It’s a known fact that excessive milking is one of the main reasons why cows release hormones in milk. However, when special care is taken at the farm to keep the cows comfortable and happy, the milk is hormone free.

Sarda farms tests it milk for 0% hormone, every day! That is good milk in true sense.

“Every drop of Sarda Farms milk comes from one single source: Our family farm. Where, we hand-pick, and lovingly rear, a healthy breed of cows, valued for their exquisite milk quality. They are milked at our Automated Milking Parlour, untouched by hand, in a completely sanitised environment.” says Sarda farms

Drinking milk laden with antibiotics and hormones causes the body to develop hormone imbalances and resistance to antibiotics. And that’s one item in the kitchen that we heavily rely on for highest form of nutrition. So, it is worth the spend? I’d leave that for you to decide, but I have chosen to go the “Good Milk” way.

Are there other benefits of good milk, read below.

Should milk be boiled?

I used to boil regular milk, as that is the only way to kill the bacteria present in milk. These bacteria are bad for health.  However, little do we all know that boiling milk also degrades the nutrition of milk, substantially.

So, should we boil milk? Well, for regular milk there is no other way to kill bacteria. However, goodmilk farms, take extreme measure to keep the bacterial count low. Sarda farm, has negligible bacterial count, leaving no foul smell. Sarda farm milk DOESNOT need to be boiled, which means I get 100% out of the milk for the liter of milk I have paid for.

Trivia: Yes, foul smell in milk directly means high bacterial count, and is of compromised quality.

Yellowish tinge of milk is good – Myth or Truth

Now, that’s another thing I My mom always says, yellow malai means, the milk is from desi cow and hence better. Surprisingly, yellow color is due to high content of grass in the cow’s diet. It only implies that the cow lacks nutrient rich fodder in her diet and the milk may not be wholesome either.

Factors to check when buying Good milk

Here are some boxes the good milk MUST check, for it to be 100% worth the spend.

Factors to check when buying Good milk
  1. Must come from single farm, when milk comes from multiple sources, it changes multiple vendors, increasing the scope of adulteration and degradation.
  • Must have end-to-end cold chain delivery, to ensure milk remains at 4 degree Celsius throughout to arrest the bacterial growth, which helps it from degrading.
  • Is not delivered after 12 hours of milking, as it may have stabilizers/preservatives added to prolong shelf life. Direct farm to home is the best delivery mode for good milk.

Types of good & happy milk products

I love the fact that a wide variety good milk products are available today, making it suitable for every taste. Whether you want to add milk to your tea, love to have creamy curd or someone like me who believes in giving wholesome rich milk to kids, there is something for everyone.

Types of good milk products by Sarda Farms


  • Pasteurised & Homogenised : Flat globules broken down, distributed evenly for a richer, creamier texture.
  • A2: Rich in A2 beta-casein milk protein.
  • Pasteurised: Heated to 78°C and then cooled down to 4°C to eliminate pathogens.
  • Skimmed: 99.5% fat free, with majority of the cream removed.

Sarda farm milk price – Rs 92 to Rs 135 per litre & Rs 46 per 500ml


  • Natural: The regular pick. 3.5% fat.
  • Low Fat: A healthy choice. 2% fat.
  • Fat-free: The dieter’s delight. 0.5% fat.

Sarda farm dahi price – Rs 100/- for 400gm


  • Artisanal Ghee
  • Unsalted Butter
Sarda farm ghee price – Rs 1500/- for 500ml

Turmeric with milk benefit

My kids have half a cup of turmeric milk sweetened with palm jaggery everyday especially during monsoons and winter months. Golden milk, as we call it fondly has been my favourite for many reasons as they

  • Improve immunity
  • Are loaded with antioxidants
  • Has antibacterial, antiviral properties to protect against cold
  • Also reduce joint pain in elderly

LOVED this post on GOOD MILK BENEFITS & is it worth the spend?

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  1. You are right about the boiling part. Here we get Pasteurised & Homogenised and initially I used to be in a dilemma if I should be boiling it or not as that what I have seen my mom doing. But when I read about it it cleared my doubts. Even what you have mentioned about the yellow malai is so true/.


    1. The tips you have shared are valuable. Especially these days we can never be assured about the quality of what we buy. This is more relevant when we are travelling.


  2. I agree milk adulteration is a big problem that can cause serious health issue. I had never heard about good milk concept before but with your post learnt a lot. Sarda form seems like a trustworthy brand. Will check this for sure.


  3. Thanks for sharing this… I didnt know about the boiling milk thing though…. and also doubted the yellow malai too. You post has helped clear my doubts. I’ve been hearing some good reviews about shrada farm and was planning to switch too.


  4. I love the brand Sarda has cleared all the controversies surrounding the milk.. I use some of the products like dahi, ghee .. I guess it’s time to switch to A2 milk by Sarda


  5. I have never been a fan of boiled milk. I have never drink milk all my life. When I was pregnant I would drink cold milk or have oats with half the quantity of milk. I want to taste this milk.


  6. I’m the regular pouch milk kinds too and have always boiled milk. Sarda farms good milk sounds great in quality and has 0% hormones which impressed me. Will give it a try.


  7. I am a milk lover and so are my kids. Though we consume full fat, pasteurized milk, i got some new insights about milk Production and storage.


  8. This post was a learning experience with milk. The yellow malai part was an eye-opener indeed. Where is Sarada Dairy by the way? I am lactose intolerant and apart from yoghurt I don’t take any form of milk products.


  9. I am also using milk from this farm and can clearly see the difference in the local milk pouch and the product from this particular Family Farm to know about the features of happy milk and how it helps our health


  10. This is completely new for me . I normally get the pouch milks Available in market . But after knowing the benefits of good milk ,I think I should try out this.


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