5 Kids Shows on Netflix That Are Actually Awesome

Best shows for Kids on Netflix in 2020

Written by a tween, soon to be teen who loves to watch fun television series!

Good web series are super fun to watch, but they are also equally difficult to find. If feels like there is a bottomless list of web series for kids to choose from, only if someone helped me pick the best series list for 2020, my lockdown would be just perfect.

So here I am, listing out 5 super awesome web series that you are sure to love. Some will take you back to pre corona school days while others will send get you laugh yourself silly.

Best Kids shows on Netflix for Girls

Alexa and Katie

A popular teen sitcom series, Alexa and Katie is all about how Alexa manages high school while going under cancer treatment. Alexa’s loyal friend Katie helps her through all thick and thin. Watch on to see how you can get over the tough times with a laugh.

Where to watch: Netflix, IMDB
Episode length: 25 minutes

IMDB: 7.4/10 Google Users :97% liked this TV show

 A Gurls Wurld

When three teenage girls from different countries come to study in Singapore, the three become great friends. When separated, they discover that their phones and computers can transfer them to each other’s houses! From then on it’s just adventure and fun!

Where to watch: Netflix
Episode length: 30 minutes

IMDB: 7.1/10 Google Users :98% liked this TV show

Free Rein

A dramatic Netflix show, Free Rein is a much watch show for 12-year old girls. When a teenage girl ventures out to her mother’s childhood home on an island near England, she finds a mysterious horse. Watch on to find the adventures she faces.

Where to watch: Netflix
Episode length: 26 minutes

IMDB: 7.3/10 Google Users :97% liked this TV show

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Best shows on Netflix that both Girls and Boys will love

Greenhouse Academy

This Netflix Original show is full of teen drama. After their recent loss of their mom, Hayley and Alex enter a boarding school where they solve mysteries and struggle through rivalry. Watch this series to solve mysteries with them.

Where to watch: Netflix, IMDB
Episode length: 25 minutes

IMDB: 7/10 Google Users :96% liked this TV show

A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you are not a book person you are going to love this. If you are not one, you will love it even more. This series was first a book series and then TV show. This a tragic story of three orphans investigating their parents’ death while avoiding Count Olaf who tries to steal their inheritance in every episode. Watch this to see how they escape his traps.

Where to watch: Netflix, IMDB
Episode length: 50 minutes

IMDB: 7.8/10 Google Users :94% liked this TV show

Author BIO: MistyUnicorn is a 12 year old who cant bear boring web series or books! You will often see her getting very artsy on her instagram page or spending days creating geeky DIYs. You can totally trust her choice in books or kids shows!

Loved 5 Best Kids Shows on Netflix for Teens & Tweens

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Best fun show on Netflix for kids

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  1. Oh, jackpot. I am saving this post. I am sure this is going to be super helpful when my little one keeps asking to watch something with Mumma 🙂 I haven’t watched any shows yet mentioned in this post.


  2. oh nice list and right on time for the holidays. My daughter has finished alexa and katie. Will ask her to check the others.


  3. Mandavi, my daughter is a tween too, and I am familiar with some, and do watch a few with her. I will show her this post. I think it’s an amazing idea to make your tween blog. 🙂 #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads


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