Tips to Style your kid’s Kurta

6 Tips to Style Kid's Kurta

Children are fussy. It takes several hours to get them comfortable in their basic attire. And imagine when you are cladding them in the traditional kids kurta. They are going to make you crazy over the attire. Therefore as parents, it is important that you choose the most child-friendly pattern and material whenever you buy the kurtas for kids. And after that, you can try these tips to style them so that they aren’t just comfortable but also look cute while wearing them.

Simple ways to Style Boy’s Kurta

How do you dress up a kurta? How to dress up a short kurta?

Style the kids kurta with jeans

Children have this natural tendency to love denim. No matter what occasion it is, they want to wear everything paired with their denim. So, here you go! Pair your kids kurta with denim so that your child feels totally at ease wearing it. Now it is up to you that you want to make your child wear crocs or sandals or jutis with them. All of them would look absolutely fine!

Kurta with a Nehru Jacket

If your love wearing the traditional kurta pajama set, then go ahead and add a Nehru Jacket to it. This attire looks perfect if there’s any special occasion or festival going on. You can go for ethnic footwear like jutis or mojdis with it to make the child appear totally traditional.

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Kurta with chudidars

For certain occasions, it is important that your child is dressed in complete ethnic attire. Such events call for your child to wear a kids kurta along with a chudidar and a juti or sandals. We suggest you pair a contrasting chudidar to the kurta to make your kid look stylish and smart wearing it.

Kurta with dhoti

If your kid is getting ready for a fancy event, then don’t hesitate to pair the kurta with dhoti pants. It can enhance the total ethnic effect of the attire, and even a plain kurta looks impressive with this addition.

Kurta with a turban

Kids just look super cute with a turban. But this attire can be worn when there’s a special elaborative function like a wedding or a festival. However, remember to contrast the colour of the turban with the kurta and match it with the pajama. You also get some alluring accessories that can go with your turban very well and make them look better. 

Kurta with formal pants

Trousers or pants are also great additions to your kid’s ethnic kurta. These pants can either be of a contrasting colour or typically match the top. As far as your child feels comfortable in them, feel free to match this combination together and wear this attire with a pair of sandals or jutis.

We are sure you are super excited to try all these styling tips each time your child wears a kurta. So, don’t delay. Buy one that your kid would love, and try these styling tips on the next festive season or formal event. 

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Tips to style your kids kurta

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