11 Affordable Home Decor Ideas for Diwali That’ll Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

Here’s a Special Diwali Makeover ideas for home. Step by step, all you need to do to get your home festive ready !

Getting ready for Diwali! Planned the home cleaning drive already? Now wondering about home decor ideas for Diwali and how to make Diwali special this year.  Its time to add beauty to your home and give it an all-new fresh look. Here are 11 home makeover ideas on a budget that will give your home a bright and beautiful makeover.

Diwali 2020 date: 14th November, Saturday

Diwali Home Makeover on Budget in India

1. Frame up a Wall

This could be the easiest way to make a corner of your home lively. Look for an unused wall, which is rather dull and non-attention grabbing such as corridor or a section of the bedroom and stock it up with beautifully framed captions, family pictures or traditional art, whatever suits your style

Where to buy: Myntra, Amazon

Cost: Upto Rs 3,000

2. Carpet it up

That’s now the easiest thing to do. I’d prefer getting a shorter carpet or rug which work really well in Indian homes and climate. Fab India and WebSide have some really good collection. And well, roll it up when not in mood or season for carpet and stack it neatly in your loft.

Where to buy: Krsna Mehta, Urbanladder, PepperFry

Cost: Rs 3,000 to RS 6,000

3. Throw in bright cushions in all shapes

This Diwali home decor idea will make you feel live,so go funky, bold or pastels, remember to keep it different than what you already have! Its also a great idea to layer up cushions as it adds instant color and tonnes of character to the room.

Where to buy: Get it custom made, or order online

Cost: Rs 2,000

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 4. Wallpapers

When it comes to instant home makeovers, wallpapers are my favorite and quickest. The entire job or scraping the wall and layering the paper takes about 3-5 hours. It works almost like magic. Try it this season,this Diwali interior decoration idea will blow you up.

Where to buy: Marshals, Asian paints

Cost: Rs 4,000 to RS 8,000

give a quick make

5. Lights

Try some new styles of lighten this festival of lights. You could even try making some really good DIY lamps at home with some help from handy tutorials I love to generously use crushed lights, lanterns and decorative lamps during Diwali festivities

Where to buy: Flipkart, Chumbak

Cost: Rs 1,000 to RS 2,000

home decor ideas for Diwali - decorative lights

6. Aroma Diffuser

I’d say this is a must have on Diwali home decoration list, to get some freshness insides your locked home. An aroma diffuser with camphor drops also doubles up as an immunity enhancer and natural insect repellent, definitely a must home decoration idea to feel a positive vibe.

Where to buy: Flipkart

Cost: Rs 500 to RS 2,000

7. Order in some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are truly best as they are low on maintenance and there is really a wide range of indoor plants to choose from. They need occasional sunlight, like once a fortnight, and pretty up your place all year round.

Where to buy: Nursery live, Amazon

Cost: Rs 1,000

8. Up Your Diner quotient

Read colorful full length table runners, table covers, tea pot covers, vases, dessert platters are just a few of the diner must-haves.

Where to buy: Chumbak, Krisna Mehta, WishingChair

Cost: Rs 5,000

9. Book Shelf

Bookworm alert! Flaunt your wild collection of books this festive season on zoom parties by setting up a beautiful book corner in your house. Make this your favorite backdrop for ZOOM calls for exchanging  Diwali wishes in 2022.

Where to buy: Urbanladder, Peperfry, Amazon or Lifestyle Home

Cost: Rs 3,000 to RS 8,000

10. Arm Chairs

Invest in a good one this Diwali, if you aren’t making any other bigger purchases. Call it investing in “ME” time for think of all the good time you will have chilling in your arm chair with a book and cuppa for company!

Where to buy:  Urbanladder, Peperfry

Cost: Rs 8,000 to RS 15,000

11. Balcony Makeover

Sitting in the balcony, with diyas and lights all around could become the favorite part of your day! Some easy to buy items like big leafy plants, colorful planters, some compact seating and colorful rugs, all go really well in make your balcony neighbor’s envy! also, this is the most affordable home decor in 2022

Where to buy:  Nurserylive, Amazon

Cost: Rs 4,000 to RS 6,000

Diwali Purchase List | Must haves for Puja

  • Toran
  • Aromatic candles
  • Puja thaal
  • Crockery
  • Rangoli colors
  • Aromatic puja essentials like chandan roli etc
  • Laddoss
  • Gifts for friends and families

Image courtesy : Google

Love these affordable Diwali home decor ideas for a beautiful makeover

Can’t get your eyes off this Diwali makeover list 2020. Pin it for later! Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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  1. Cushions, frames, lights, aroma, plants are really some easy ways to make room bright and lively. thanks for sharing these affordable and beautiful ideas with us.
    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter


    1. Thanks for some really good ideas. Especially loved the balcony decor. For some good lamps and lighting options one can even check courtyard products on pepperfry. They have some beautiful products.


  2. Very timely tips Mandavi… Was thinking of changing the way diyas are arranged you already made searching easy by mentioning a few options and also other DIY items that will not just help me in decoration but also for my son to enjoy doing something different..


  3. Loved all. I am a big fan of indoor plants, lights and hanging frames on a blank wall. Sometimes small touch ups brighten up the entire room. Loved the balcony make over.


  4. this list is amazing.. I so believe wallpapers can add that glamour to lighten up your room.. and even simple ideas having an armchair or a plant or colour full cushions can pep up the diwali look


  5. Wow your post has created an amazing festive vibe. Loved all the ideas and pictures. You have made me tempted to go for festival shopping.


  6. Ultimate ideas for home decor to give a beautiful makeover to our homes, these indoor plants, hanging light, and aroma diffusers are so fascinating, added to my checklist


  7. We quite recently have shifted to a new property and this post came at a perfect time. The ideas are pretty implementable and beautiful. I am saving this 🙂


  8. lovely ideas! i really like the images you have selected. I agree pictures and lamps and lights are a great way to spruce up the space.
    I am crafting a runner for the dining table, fingers crossed it will be ready in time for the Festival 🙂


  9. I am simply loving each and every suggestion that you have put up here. and I am itching to buy some of these cool stuff like those lights and the frames for sure.


  10. I have been looking for some decor ideas for Diwali. Your post came just in time, I am going to steal some of these ideas to give a makeover to my living room. Thanks for these superb ideas!


  11. These are beautiful ideas. For every diwali I change the cushions and table runners to give a new look to the house and also add in sme fragrant candles and real flowers to add up to the feeling of festivities.


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