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Devajyoti Ray artwork

Who is Devajyoti Ray artist | Devajyoti Ray;s latest artwork

Indian Contemporary Art has made great strides in the past two decades, with plethora of galleries in Europe who now cater Indian art alongside contemporary art from all over the world. Galerie Art Deco in Paris is one such gallery that showcases a rising star of the Indian contemporary art – Devajyoti Ray.

About Devajyoti Ray

Ray’s works have been exhibited in many cities across the globe including London, Taipei, Dubai, Arizona, Singapore and are in permanent collections there. But the works showcased by Galerie Art Deco are quite unique as they border on erotica, a theme which is rather rare in Ray’s oeuvre.

Devajyoti Ray background

Very vibrant colours, intimate scenes, precious moments of life- these are some of the hallmarks of Devajyoti Ray’s paintings. Beginning his journey in Kolkata, under the tutelage of veteran artist Balraj Panesar, Ray’s initial works hovered around the theme of ‘Shunya’ – the eternal zero. His works of the time depicting the Bauls of Bengal and the ascetics of Benares became very popular and Ray was then hailed as the most promising artist of the new generation.

Devajyoti Ray latest painting

That was 15 years ago. Since then Ray has moved on to more complex ideas and now this new series on sensuality. His works are however not about the erotic, but about the mind of the person in throngs of passion. 

Those who are lovers of Ray’s works, must have a look at this new collection. They are still in his Pseudorealistic  genre, but in theme very fresh.

Where to find Devajyoti Ray paintings

One can find them now in many social media handles that showcase Ray’s paintings. But one of the favourites is art_pseudorealism 

Devajyoti Ray Paintings – Indian painter and installation artist 

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About Devajyoti Ray Paintings
Devajyoti Ray Paintings

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