Galderma skin awareness month – Can Cetaphil remove pimples? Which Cetaphil cleanser is better for acne?

Can Cetaphil remove acne

Is Cetaphil one of the better cleansers for acne prone skin type? Which Cetaphil cleanser is better for acne? Can Cetaphil remove pimples?

My association with Cetaphil goes back more than a decade for it has remained my dermatologist’s go to product for curing acne for my family comprising my sister, husband and now a teen daughter. The thing with acne is, most of us believe it doesn’t go away. Once it comes, it’s there to trouble us for a really long time.

However, that’s not been my experience. By selecting right skin care products, suiting our skin type and following basic skin regime, acne can be avoided for a good long time.

6 Common triggers for acne

Over the years, I have identified a few common triggers for acne on my face. I am likely to breakout more under these conditions.

  • Hormonal changes, typically before periods
  • Feeling stressed out for say 2-3 days
  • Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep
  • Jet lag, adjusting to new time-zone or weather always gives me a breakout
  • Dandruff !
  • Excessive oily scalp due to gap in shampooing

Many of these triggers may not be under my direct control, so how do I treat the acne that follows? Let’s understand

Awareness program
Excerpts are beased on panel discussion with renowned Dermatologists for Cetaphil Indian and Biluma india

Can Cetaphil remove pimples?

I have found Cetaphil very effective in managing pimples personally. Why it helps is, Cetaphil has an end-to-end range of cleansers and moisturizers for my skin type or let me say EVERY skin type. The right selection of products based on skin type combined with following proper skincare regime of cleansing & moisturizing makes it possible to manage pimples over a period of few weeks.  And then by continuing this same regime, I have managed to stay acne free later on.

What I really like is that Cetaphil has upgraded their formulation with gentle ingredients such as Glycerine that improves hydration, Niacinamide for skin brightening and Panthenol for moisturizing effect.

So, how Cetaphil face wash works?

The Cetaphil face cleanser is gentle & scientifically designed, it removes the excess oil produced due to common triggers for acne. It also dissolves the dirt without stripping off the natural oils from our face. This makes it really effective and a better cleanser as our skin’s optimal PH balance is not disturbed.  

Which Cetaphil is best for face?

This ONLY depends on one thing – your skin type.

Still, selecting the right Cetaphil cleanser can be a bit confusing as there are many products for different skin requirements. I have combination skin.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser has been working well for my every day use. 

For summers, muggy monsoons foaming cleanser: Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser is good. Foam removes the excessive sweat, oil, dirt, and makeup without making skin tight or overly dry.

Which Cetaphil is best for face
Is Cetaphil good for acne | Cetaphil face wash for pimples
(Galderma face wash)

Which Cetaphil cleanser is better for acne?

Is Cetaphil foaming cleanser good for acne?

Yes. Cetaphil Pro Oil Control Foam wash is specially formulated for acne-prone skin. Deep cleansing formula that gently removes pore clogging impurities, makeup and excess oil without over-drying skin.

Which Cetaphil cleanser is best for combination skin?

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser works best for combination skin and oily skin – both types.

Is Cetaphil moisturiser good for oily skin?

Lotion form of moisturiser are usually lighter as compared to cream and hence more suitable for oily skin. The new packaging with pump also makes it very easy to use.

How many times to use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

1-3 times a day

which cetaphil cleanser is better for acne
Does Cetaphil help with acne | Does Cetaphil get rid of acne |

SO, how to avoid acne completely?

Forgetting to take-off makeup, drinking less than 3 ltr water a day, unclean eating habit are common reasons for break-out that all of us agree on.

However, most of us miss the point that a simple skin care routine of cleansing-toningmoisturising is all that it takes to keep the skin balance optimal which in turn helps avoid acne to a large extent.

Should I moisturise face in summers?

Is cetaphil moisturizer good for acne? Yes, experts say moisturizers should be used round the year for good skin. However, during summer months, a gel based lighter moisturiser is suitable. The idea is to NOT create excessive oiliness while providing the daily skin nutrition. Hence a gel based moisturiser is suitable for summer months.

should i moisturise my face in summers
Galderma face wash

How many times to use facewash in a day?

1-3 times, depending on your skin type and need. However as per dermatologists, facewash or face cleansers should NOT be used more than 3 times in a day.

When is best time to moisturise face?

I feel, after bath is best time to apply skin or moisturiser. When the skin is still slightly moist, its effect is slightly better I have observed. Also bedtime is really good, as its working all through the 8 hours of sleep, to recover suppleness of skin.

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And what about dark spots and pigmentation?

Can Cetaphil cleanser for acne remove scars? Does Cetaphil have a product to cure pigmentation? Biluma Advance which is depigmentation & skin brightening cream for a brighter and even skin tone can be used for remove dark spots.  Biluma & Cetaphil, both are part of Galderma pharma.

Can I use day cream at night?

Using day cream at night may not harm so much but may not deliver best benefits either. Delivery of ingredients at optimal times is required for skin care. Let’s understand why.

The science behind circadian rhythms states that daytime is the time to protect the skin and night is the time to replace water loss and shift into skin repair mode. So, it’s essential to pick a day and a night cream for long term benefit. Both Biluma and Cetaphil have day as well as night cream range.

What are Biluma Advance cream benefits?

This whole range is specifically designed to give even skin tone and brightening with the help of natural ingredients.

Biluma Advance Day cream benefits – even skin tone, Vit E for soft and glowing skin

Biluma Advance Night cream benefits – Anti-ageing, light weight so that it does not clog pores, skin cooling

Is Biluma available in India now

Yes, you can buy on Amazon.

Final thoughts

I find Cetaphil as one of the better cleansers for acne prone skin type as its scientifically designed and has suited me well over the past decade or so. It’s always a good idea take an opinion from your dermatologists if acne has been persisting for a long time.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog contents are independent views solely of the blogger and is not intended to substitute the advice given by licensed health-care professional. Kindly seek advice from health-care provider, if unsure about your symptoms or suitability of product or if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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