Where to Play Free Online Games without Ads? Good & Safe Online Games for Kids and Adults

Sometimes, seeing ads constantly while playing online games takes the joy out. Don’t you think so! It’s just so distracting and annoying! And, I prefer to play free online games that are ad-free when with kids for privacy reasons.

I do not think they need to know where I am shopping next or which luxury destination, I’ve been secretly eyeing. Not to mention, save myself the embarrassment of random ads showing up on belly-fat burning or worse Kegel exercises. You see what I mean!

So, where to play free online games without Ads?

I was absolutely thrilled to know that all games on solitaire.org are ad-free. All of them, you see. Not only that, all their games are also available for free.  

Where to Play Free Games without Downloading?

Honestly, being a mom and travel blogger, I am perennially low on disk space on my phone. Right from the day I buy one. So, downloading app for gaming is straight out of question for me.

Secretly, I also want to avoid downloading gaming apps as I have “set-limits” for gaming time. Both for my kids. They say, good things come in small quantities and playing online games in web browser keeps it fun and controlled.

There are many sites where you can play free games without downloading, but not all are suitable or can be recommended. I love going back to solitaire.org as all their online games are absolutely safe and fun. They are simple and all of them can be played in web browser without requiring any app downloads.

Good Online Games for Kids that are Safe to play Online

I honestly don’t understand why kids are falling for unsafe games these days. There are hundreds of simple online games for kids that are pure joy to play.

My latest favourite online game to play with my kids is Match 3 Candy House where you match two items to match 3 or more of the same items, either horizontally or vertically. So easy and simple to learn, super fun for kids of all ages. Each round is for only 5 mins.

We practically play Solitaire ever Saturday, which is also our designated ‘family gaming time of the week’! I love playing the classic, but the solitaire.org site also has many challenging variants such as Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, Tripeaks and Golf.

And word games are a huge hit, in my house. Word searches, letter scrambles are amazing brain gym. They enhance critical thinking and improve brainpower. Pure bliss to watch them bond with their granddad over a good game of word searches. The giggling and the laugher and the excitement of spotting the word!

Some games like the Word Search has a new free puzzle daily, which helps them develop a healthy habit of solving puzzles daily.

Minesweeper, Nanogram & Battleship are new age games and can be enjoyed at bit advance levels. They have simple rules and challenging solutions. 

There is more ! Your high scores are usually recorded for each game, so it’s great place for some healthy gaming competition between siblings or friends. 

I have mentioned only few of the games available on Solitare.org website, ones that we have played so far. There are hundreds of other safe and simple free online games on their site for kids and grownups.

So now you know where & why to play free online games that are without ads. I recommend you choose good & safe online games ONLY for your kids and keep the online gaming environment fun & engaging

Loved reading Play Free Solitaire Games Online Without Ads

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