6 Food Related Games for Kids Online | Ad free and Safe Online Games for 4 Year Olds

6 Fun Nursery games to learn about food | Food games names

My kids really love playing online games. Not just food games but all kinds of good quality games. Its pure fun for them and also for me! They giggle, laugh and often jump up with joy on hitting that jackpot! The glee in their eyes says it all.

But as a mom, I also ask myself if playing online games is of any value beyond entertainment! Don’t you? Is it worth the time?

Over my years of parenting, I agree that kids do learn a lot LOT while playing games online. For simple reason that its more interactive, more hands-on, visual and challenging. Kids actually just LOVE & enjoy the whole process while learning concepts and themes sub-consciously as well as effortlessly.

But, how much gaming time is good for kids?

Well, I am not saying online games should be done endlessly, for hours at stretch. By no means, not at all. Good things come in small packets! Don’t they. The recommended screen time for kids under the age of 6 is 1 hour. So, 20-30 mins of online gaming is the sweet spot between leaning, fun and screen exposure in my opinion. And it’s worked brilliantly well for our family.

6 SAFE Online Games for 4 year olds to Learn about FOOD

How to make online gaming safe for 4 year olds?

When I Google, I come across just so many gaming sites for kids. How do you know which ones are really safe for kids this young? So, one simple rule that I follow so as to make it a completely safe gaming environment, is to select games that are free of ads. This way I am assured that my kids don’t click on any un-necessary pop-ups or watch un-solicited content.

Interesting Food Game names for 4 year olds

Can I eat it is a beginners game for preschoolers where they quickly click yes or no on if they think an item is edible. This is probably the 1st game a kid can play to learn about food. This game covers both fruits & veggies

Fast food combat was my favorite game to teach my young ones about avoiding junk food. In this game players have to race to eat fresh foods while avoiding junk food that’ll make the player sick.

Fruit sorting game is a fast paced pattern matching game. Players have to match the fruits to sort them out. The game is timed making it super exciting for 4 year olds.

Hidden food is quite stimulating. Players have to find the hidden kitchen item before time runs out. Players keep moving to the next level as the difficulty increases. Fun part is, if player doesn’t find it, the item shakes a bit to catch your attention and help you locate it. This we loved playing together as a mom toddler activity.

Puzzle farm is every kid’s favourite at some stage. The online version has scenes from farm life. Players have to arrange the dozen pieces to solve the puzzle. Its quite interesting for young minds. This puzzle can be played on their own by 4 year olds, without needing any supervision.

Merge cakes is a funand new online cooking game for girls. Players acquire points by merging cakes, more points mean players can create better pastries. As the level increases players get to unlock better recipes.

We have played all these games on Culinary Schools where we found the interface clutter free. Each game open in a new tab and they don’t suggest the next game which honestly is a saviour as it saves us the battle over haggling for one round of the next game. Their games are free of ads.

Now, how does online food games help kindergarten kids?

Food is one of the main life skill kids are taught in kindergarten years.Playing food related online games in kindergarten familiarizes kids with not only food but also relevant concepts such as farming, cooking and culinary arts. They get a sneak peek into the restaurant business and hospitality related careers which really helps them explore various interests.

Can 4 year olds play video games?

Yes, I just make sure to select good quality games. So, I carefully select sites that are FREE of ads. We also make sure to play on large screens such as laptop or ipads.

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Loved Online Games Without Ads for 4 Year Olds

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Cooking games for kids and toddlers.

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