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How to get better at Math

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Over the years of raising my own two kids who are now in grade 4 & 9, I have seen an insane number of children enroll to math tuition classes. Mostly everyone is doing tuitions in higher grades, but what’s truly startling is to see kids enroll in grade 2 or 3.

But, if you are a parent like me who doesn’t want to take the tuition route, how do you get your kid to be good at mathematics? A question that crosses every parent’s mind at some grade or other.

Today, I am sharing my 2 bits on this along with a list of resources that can help you give a fantastic early start to your kid in mathematics.

How to get good in maths?

At the cost of repeating myself, I’d like to re-iterate that in my option, math is all about giving an early GOOD start. Giving a solid foundation right from the very first set of lessons. One may argue – why bother so much in the early years? Does it really matter? 

Is Math important before Grade 6?

We tend to think that math is all about numbers, equations, word problems but no. Math truly is ONLY about UNDERSTANDING.  So, suppose you don’t pay much attention to getting the sum right, say in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade, by time 4th grade arrives, the child really has a LOT of catching up to do and slowing starts losing interest.

He starts finding it difficult to understand concepts as his basic math skills aren’t as accurate or fast enough. This further burdens on, as concepts start getting complex in grade 5 and grade 6 is the big jump.

My son’s grade 4 text book has 3 or 4 digit multiplication already.

In my experience, the simplest way to make your kid good at maths is to give him an early start. So that he is consistently good at understand the concepts, as well as accuracy that are appropriate for his age.

Math Games Online for Grade 1-3

Learning math needn’t be only worksheet based or about reciting tables. Infact, I avoided worksheet based math practice in grade 1 & 2 as the whole process becomes very boring and monotonous for young kids. I googled up fun with math games on the internet and found just so many.

For example, complete the sequence is fun online game where kids click on bubbles to complete a number sequence. You can set the difficulty level for most online games, so the same game can be played in grade 1 all the way till grade 3. The hardest it gets is using negative numbers and skipping a couple numbers in a pattern sequence. Honestly, that’s such a brilliant variation, I couldn’t come up with a worksheet like that on my own.

My son loved playing math game puzzles. For mastering tables, we tried table under pressure where the fire lights a bomb if time runs out!

I feel, it’s really exciting and fun for young kids to practice math via interactive online games. It’s almost effortless! And this goes a really long way in developing a lifelong love for logic & problem solving and eventually making him good at maths without “studying” much.

Other cool math games to try for grade 2 are Number Maze, Memory Math online games.

Final thoughts: 2 Tips for making math learning fun for kids

A really fun ways I tried with my kids was to let him teach me maths! Oh boy how excited he was with this role play. I also try (trust me it gets really really hard at times) to AVOID saying you are bad at maths. Stay positive !

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