13 Best Educational Online Games for 5-8 year olds | Free Online Party Games for Kids 

13 Best Educational Games Online for Kids

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Game based learning for sure is fun for kids. Over the years raising my 2 kids, I have found many educational games for kids online that actually benefit them. By carefully selecting the right online kids games for my little ones, I have seen them gradually develop logical thinking, math skills etc.

Here is a list of 13 good educational online games for kids aged 5-8 year olds. Some of these are also loved by tweens.

English teaching games for kids

1. Online Alphabet Games for Kids

This was infact the very first educational online game for my 5 year old. My son so loved learning to draw letters, say them aloud. Matching upper case letters with lower case ones, this free letter game is perfect for 3-5 year olds exploring alphabets.

2. Crossword Puzzle Games

We usually play the crossword puzzle game together which is a very interactive game for kids. It’s such a wonderful parent child bonding activity for Sundays. You can find holiday themed crosswords, or animal themed ones. Just tap the letters to form the word based on the clues and watch your little one get excited every time you reveal a new word. 

Crossword Puzzle Creator infact is more fun as online version of this popular game lets you make your own crosswords. Type in your clues and make your own crosswords,plus you do not have to download this free online game for your 8 year old kid. Just go to website and start playing.

Logic games for kids

1. Free Online Animal Games

Honestly nothing like learning math as an educational game for 5 year olds to 8 year olds. This online animal game is every kids  favourite. It’s a cute math puzzle game to learn the concept of doubling. Kids slide pieces to combine adjacent tiles to create a new tile with double the value!

2. Memory Games

 We had done flash card of memory games a way too many times. That’s when we tried the free online educational memory games for my 8 year old son – an easy card matching game for primary years using popular characters. I feel online version  is great fun as kids have to match each identical pair before the time runs out.

3. Tangram Puzzle Games

If your kid loves puzzle games try the tangram puzzle. Puzzle games are perfect for building logic. The online tangram puzzles offer  instant access to dozens of fun tangram puzzle designs. This  online educational game for 8 year old also gives a 3D feel which adds a lot of delight for 6 year old kids too.

Learning games for kids

1. Division Games

Division is one of the difficult concepts for 5-8 year olds. My son learnt division so easily by playing these free online division games. Kids have fun while learning division at their own pace. Aliens Vs Math Practice Game for Kids  is a good place to start.

It’s a timed math game where kids get a few seconds to solve each problem. 

2. Arthur Buster Baxter Lung Defender Game for Kids

I also played a few health awareness related games with my son. Playing online educational games is such an  interactive way to get your 8 year old kids to learn about certain common medical conditions. Arthur Buster Baxter Lung Defender Game for Kids is just brilliant. It’s an educational flying game that talks about asthma triggers which is a common health concern these days amongst many parents.

Buster, the co-pilot, takes down as many asthma triggers as you can before they get into his lungs. Sounds fun already! Try it. 

3. Online Art Games

Who doesn’t like art and craft related free online games. 8 year old kids love to draw, paint, colour and they can practice these skills while enjoying online art games. Art games are super easy to explain to kids and  easy to plan for play dates or for house parties.

Online art games typically have daily coloring puzzle games. Kids aged between 5 to 8 year old use the numbers and colors shown on the side of the puzzle to paint the drawing.

Party games for kids

1. Clifford the Big Red Dog Games

Clifford the big red dog was a huge favorite in my house. Kids in the 5-8 year age range are obsessed with this Educational Game, isn’t it.

Clifford online games the little kids through the world’s most famous giant dogs’ daily care routine. They can bathe him, give him exercise, read him a story, and even play dress up. 

2. Dice Games

Dice games are easy to play and a ton of creativity. Kids use virtual dice to build a park by recycling. They earn points and donations to gain items to furnish their new park. I found this a brilliant starting point to introduce the concept of reuse and recycle to my little ones.

3. Multiplayer Snakes and Ladders Board Game

I think I can never get  bored of the Snakes and Ladder game, as it is very interactive game. As a kid, I have just so many fond childhood memories associated while playing with my cousins. 

We  have had this Classic Snake and Ladder online game as party game many times and it’s always been a huge hit amongst kids of all ages. Kids take turns to roll the virtual dice and advance through the board avoiding snakes and trying to land on ladders to get to the finish line first. 

4. Domino Battle

Can you believe this now,  we have even played Domino’s battle online. The rule is  simple. Domino is a tile laying game. To win, kids have to clear all the tiles or be in possession of tiles of the lowest value. 

5. Dress Up Games

Of course, the most favorite online game for most girls aged 5 years to 8 years. In dress up games, young girls can give fancy haircuts, change the eye color, dress them up in different outfits, ballerina shoes and change the background. The possibilities are just so many. 

Final thoughts 

Free educational online games for 5-8 year olds should be carefully selected. I personally prefer an online browser based version to an app as that gives me more control in keeping the screen limit. I also use only high quality online gaming sites that are free of ads and do not require any downloads. Just as a measure to safeguard our family’s cyber safety. 

Found List of Educational Online Games Useful

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Fun Educational Games for 5 to 8 year old Kids


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