How these FREE Online Games taught my kids Financial Literacy

Are you finding difficult to teach Financial Education to your students? here, is the 6 fun financial literacy games to make learning fun for high school students. In this blog, you will find very easy to explain games that can teach kids about money in a very simple way

As a busy mom, I’m always on the lookout for ways to teach my kids valuable life skills without sacrificing fun and entertainment. That’s why I spend a good amount of time finding suitable online games. Here is a list of 5 good games that teach valuable financial lessons while keeping my kids entertained for hours. We really enjoyed playing these games together, so I am putting these together on the blog for everyone to benefit.

1. Debt destroyer

One game that my kids and I enjoy playing is Debt Destroyer. This game is a fun and interactive way to teach my kids about debt management. It’s structured like a board game, where you have to roll a dice to move around the board and take different actions to reduce your debt. The game provides different options to reduce your debt, such as selling assets or reducing expenses, and the challenge is to clear off all your debt without landing on the bankruptcy spot. My kids love the competitive aspect of the game, and I love that it’s teaching them valuable financial skills.

Age: This game is best for kids aged 8 and up. It involves some basic math skills, but it’s simple enough for younger kids to understand.

2. Money metropolis

Another game that my kids and I enjoy playing together is Money Metropolis. The game is all about managing your finances to keep a virtual city running smoothly. You start with a small amount of money, and you have to use it to build homes, businesses, and public amenities. As you progress, you earn more money, but you also face more significant financial challenges. The game teaches my kids about budgeting, saving, and investing, and it shows how your financial decisions can impact your city and its inhabitants.

Age: suitable for kids aged 10 and up. It involves more advanced financial concepts like budgeting, saving, and investing, so it’s better for older kids who have a better understanding of these concepts.

3. Credit score

Credit Score is another game that we enjoy playing together. The game simulates real-life scenarios, such as applying for a credit card or taking out a loan, and you have to decide what action to take. Each decision you make affects your credit score, and the game provides feedback on whether your decision was good or bad. As a mom, I want my kids to understand the importance of a good credit score, and this game is an excellent way to teach them.

Age: 12 years and up. It simulates real-life scenarios that teens and young adults may encounter, like applying for a credit card or taking out a loan, so it’s best for kids who are starting to think about their own financial futures.

4. Bitcoin bubble shooter

One game that is particularly interesting is Bitcoin Bubble Shooter. In the game, players must shoot bubbles at a group of bubbles at the top of the screen to clear them out. The bubbles are represented by different types of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

What I love about this game is that it’s not only fun to play, but it’s also educational. By playing Cryptocurrency games, kids get to understand different cryptocurrencies and how they work. They can also learn about the benefits and risks of investing in cryptocurrency by means of play.

Age: Suitable for kids aged 10 and up, combines a bubble shooter game with the world of cryptocurrency.

5. The game of life

A great game for teaching kids about personal finance is The Game of Life. It’s a classic board game that has been around for years. The Game of Life also teaches kids about the importance of saving and investing. In the game, you can invest in stocks and real estate to grow your wealth. It shows kids that by making smart investment decisions, they can build their wealth over time.

Age: Kids aged 12 and up. It involves investing in the stock market, so it’s best for kids who want to get an understanding of how the stock market works.

6. Money tree

Lastly, my kids and I love playing Money Tree. The game challenges you to grow your wealth by investing in the stock market. The game simulates the real stock market, and you have to make smart investment decisions to grow your wealth. The game is an excellent way to teach my kids about investing and the stock market.

Age: This game is suitable for kids aged 8 and up.

Overall, these games are quite entertaining and at the same time educational. We’ve enjoyed playing them several times and they’ve become a regular activity for my family.  Hope you found this post useful, please let us know any questions you may have in the comments below.

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Do you want your kid to understand finance? but finding difficult to explain, you came at a right spot. This blog will help you find 6 fun games which can teach money to kids, the money game. Teaching kids about money through games is the right way to make them understand about money

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