Difference Independence Day vs Republic Day in Simple English for Kids + Movie List

A fun Independence Day essay, the Independence Day speech in English, Independence Day Drawing are some of the ways to celebrate this 15th August with your kids and make them a truly a proud Indian. Read on!

My son is about that age now that he has started to feel like a miniature grown up. Barely a 6, he often wants to have a say in where we holiday, what’s cooked for dinner, why isn’t the maid given a bigger room to live in! He feels like a mini adult in his head now, I think.

So this year on, it is going to be about talking to him as equals. A new beginning, yet again! Saying, ‘Today is Independence day and hence it’s a holiday’ is not going to work anymore. He will have a thousand questions and more. He sure will want to understand at length, the meaning of Republic day, significance and worth of Independence day. Why is important enough to be declared as a holiday Nationwide. I am not that perfect mom ready with all the answers in that perfect child friendly vocabulary. I am more of a work in progress species on parenting!!

So with the festive season around the corner, I have to prepare myself for some of the questions that would be tossed my way. I have a bit of research and penned down a few Q&A on the Independence day for you too to read while I continue to read on Ganesh Chaturthi and forward.

This conversation may also help you prepare your child well for delivering a very easy to understand Independence Day essay, the Independence Day speech in Hindi or English or simply understanding the difference between Independence Day and Republic day.


A: In a country that is a Republic, the supreme power is not held by a monarch, but by the elected Prime Minister and President.


On Independence Day, in 1947, the British who had been ruling our country for 200 years  had to end their rule and we became a free country once again. On 15 August 1947, chaha Nehru became the first prime minister of India.


A: On this day in the year of 1950, our country was declared a Republic. This means our country was no more under the rule of some other country. Since then, every year 26th Jan is celebrated to enjoy and remember the historic independence of India from the British rule. Republic day is also our national festival and everyone has a holiday on this day.

The celebrations begin by hoisting the national flag and organizing a big event with special parade at the Rajpath in New Delhi.


A: Gandhi Jayanti and Independence days are our two other national holidays.


A: On August 15, 1947 our country won its independence from the British rule.  However it took us 2 years to properly define the country of India and what rules the government must follow. Independence day is about the past and Republic day is about giving a glimpse of our bright future. Independence is about simplicity and happiness. Republic day is about honor and pride.


A: Singing the National Anthem gives us an opportunity to show our thankfulness for the sacrifices that have been made by so many people before us. Sacrifices that enable us to live in this free country. And we pledge to not let their sacrifices be in vain by staying in attention whiling singing the National Anthem.

Q: WHY DO WE HAVE TO RESPECT OUR COUNTRY MAMMA? ‘We already respect so many things like, you, papa, granny, books, God mamma’, he asks.

A: By showing respect to our country, we show appreciation for all the positive aspects of our culture and tradition. We show our thankfulness towards the opportunities that have been provided to us. For example, in our own country we can easily find a job, a home, basic facilities comparatively much easier that in a foreign country.

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You may also want organize this into a fun quiz with your child on Independence Day.

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Looking for best Independence day movies to watch? Indian movies that will inspire kids? Bollywood fun movies around Independence Day? Check this list/

Independence day movie – 16 Bollywood movies to watch with kids

My favourite movie to watch with kids is Lakshya as I find it very relatable, contemporary and a great way to put the concept of a free India in relevance. Especially for the current generation of kids who are forming their opinion about the world from the comforts of their luxurious homes. It’s a great watch!

  1. Raazi
  2. Mr India
  3. Chak De! India
  4. Lakshya
  5. Swadesh
  6. Lagaan
  7. Mission Kashmir
  8. Border
  9. Uri : The surgical Strike
  10. Mangal Pandey: The rising
  11. Rang De Basanti
  12. Bhagat Singh
  13. Gold
  14. Mother India
  15. A Wednesday
  16. 16 December

Inspire us with any more interesting movies you know of that are fun to watch this Independence Day . Drop in a line in the comments below.

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Searching for the independence day essay ideas in simple words for your kids? Or are you looking for independence day movie list? This post has all about independence day for India, read it alound with your child this 15th August.

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  1. Telling the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day may sound very basic but it is very important. I have watched almost all the movies with my kids.

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  2. wow loved your post, you had explained all basic aspect of National festivals so well in this post. will help lots of parents to make their kids to understand this important national celebrations.

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  3. Fantastic post! I read the whole post with my son and patiently answered all his questions. I never realised that our kids could have so many questions around India, Independence Day and Republic Day. Makes me wonder what our education system is doing. Thank you for writing this thought-provoking post, Mandavi. Keep writing!

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  4. Loved the post! I like how you covered questions from 6 years old. Kids are intrigued to know more, the details and the way you covered the queries are going to help many parents.

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  5. I have seen most of the movies except. Will watch for sure. Recently watched Tashkent files with my kids. They were amazed to see how the unknown facts of our India history remains u untouched in book.
    I liked the way you have explained these questions. #speakeasychallenge

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