Significance of Colors on our National Flag in simple words for Kids of all Age

Significance of Colors on our National Flag in simple words for Kids of all Age

Why do we need a national flag? Does our flag have a name? Where is the national flag used? Whats the story of our national flag and whats the significane of each color on the Indian national flag?Read aloud easy to understand answers to your child this Independence day !

My kid has somewhat started to understand the difference between festival holidays and national holidays. He is in upper-kindergarten. With Independence Day round the corner, I am taking this opportunity to talk to him about our country.Significance Colors on Indian Flag

In my previous post How To Explain The Significance Of Republic Day To Your Kids In Simple Words, I had explained the difference between Independence and Republic day, why do we need to stand in attention during the national anthem and why do we have to respect our country. It may be good to  read that first so that you can draw a holistic picture for your kid.

Significance of Colors on our National Flag in simple words for Kids

Today, I am going to answer some questions that I suspect my inquisitive little learner will ask on Independence Day.


A. Every free country in the world has a flag. It is a symbol that the country is free and not ruled by another country. People in our country follow different religions. Someone can be a Jain, someone can be a Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Muslim or Hindu and hence have different place of worship and Gods. Some will love Krishna, some will love Christ etc. However the national flag is our symbol of togetherness and signifies that all of us will be together/united when it come to love towards our country.


A. In India, the word “tiranga” or “tricolor” refers to the Indian National Flag as our flag has 3 main colors – saffron, white and green. As you can see, all these 3 colors are seen in same quantity on our flag.


A. You will see our flag hoisted on all important government offices. When our sportsmen like Virat Kohli or students participate in international championship, like cricket or debates, they carry the national flag as a symbol that they represent our country, India.


A. You will be surprised to know that our national flag is not just any piece of cloth. It is so highly respected that you cannot intentionally allow it to touch the ground or float in water. You cannot use our flag for draping like a superman cape, saree or shawl.

Now, let me tell you the meaning of each color on our flag

Top band – Saffron color

The saffron color indicates strength and courage of our country. It indicates/shows that we fought hard and we won the Independence back for our country. The bold color saffron signifies/means that the people of our country are very brave and strong and ready to take any attack. It also gives a message to every citizen to do their work NOT only for their own selfish benefit but for the good of our country.

Middle band – White color

The white middle band indicates peace and truth. We pray to God that the people of our country follow the path of truthfulness and honesty in everything they do.

Bottom band – Green color

The last band is green in colour shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of our land. This means that our country has been blessed with fertile soil and we can grow plenty of food for our citizens. We must protect our soil from destruction from external enemy as well as internal issues like pollution etc


A. That’s the Ashok Chakra. It contains 24 spokes that represents 24 hours of the day. The moving wheel intends/aims to show that there is life (which is energy, power and victory) in movement and death (which is loss or damage) in stagnation or laziness.


A. Interestingly NO.

This was the flag of British India

Flag - British India

This was the design proposed in 1907

Flag 1907

Flag with Gandhiji’s charkha, proposed in 1921, see the colors are in different order here

Flag 1921

Flag design in proposed 1931

Flag 1931

Source: and

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Significance of Colors on Indian Flag

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