Koh Larn, the perfect white sandy beach in Pattaya, Thailand

Are you searching for places to visit in Thailand that are less sightseen? Are you itching to see some unexplored beaches in Thailand? Then it’s time to take some notes now.


In my series of posts, I am going to be unfolding some of the most beautiful destinations in Thailand that I have explored over many trips to this friendly and fun-loving land.




# White sandy KOH LARN  beach

Off the coasts of the resort town of Pattaya, a 15 minute ride on speedboat, is the soft white sandy Koh Larn beach. There are 7 stretches of beach on this island and Tawaen beach could be your best bet. This hidden gem is one of the rarest of rare beaches in the world as it has both WHITE & SOFT sand. You will be pleasantly greeted to sand that is almost as soft as baby powder, making it a very soothing experience for walking barefoot.


Spotting a beautiful shade of light turquoise, the waves here are high enough to provide the adrenalin rush yet gentle on the body. That’s mainly because the beach has a very gradual slope, making wading especially for kids and non-swimmers fun, easy and exciting.


There are dozens of beach recliner and umbrellas available for hire at cheap rates. Beach front bars bring cocktails, fruits and ice-creams right to your beach chair. Restaurants serve street food styled seafood, Thai food and international cuisines. There are dozens of souvenirs shops selling sun-hats, sarongs, trinkets and tote bags.


With several options for water-sports and sand bike rentals on this beach, you can plan some adventure for yourself while the kids are busy building sandcastles.



  • Gentle waves make this a very family friendly beach that is unlimited fun with children or senior citizens.
  • Reasonably priced – ferry tickets, beach recliners, food & beverages
  • Souvenir or cheap beachwear shopping


Go if you are looking for  

  • A day out in the sea coupled with a ferry ride.
  • Thrill of being on a speedboat
  • Minimal planning and low cost
  • Experience the local beach culture
  • Taste the local food

AND don’t if you are looking for

  • A secluded beach, this beach does get crowded in high season
  • High quality resort for overnight stay
  • Jain food though you can find veg food easily


How to get there: Hop on a 10 minutes ride by speedboat or 30 mins ferry from the Bali Hai pier at the South end of Pattaya walking street.


Packing list: A large tote bag containing swimwear, goggles, sunscreen, moisturizer, cover-ups and quick dry towel. You can choose to buy sand toys, swimming tubes and noodles for the kids, here at the beach or carry your own.



  • The bathrooms and shower areas aren’t very clean. It’s good to carry a cover-up and plan to shower once back to your resort.
  • Don’t buy ferry tickets from one of many hawkers offering return tickets as they are heavily over-priced, you can easily buy it at the ticketing office at the pier.

Koh Larn 1.JPG




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