Which is more Budget Friendly- Krabi or Pattaya | Cheapest beach destinations 2023

Budget friendly beach destination in Thailand

Beach has been my thing! And here I am with another edition of best beaches in Thailand. If you are wondering where to go next then stop right here and read this blog because I am going to share a detailed plan on how to make the most of you Thailand holiday.

Flight details for Krabi and Pattaya from Mumbai

Krabi : We took direct flight to Krabi via Bangkok which takes 8hrs. You can fly to Phuket in 4.5hrs and take ferry to Krabi. Krabi to Phuket distance isn about 80 km.

Pattaya : After landing at Bangkok you can reach Pattaya in 2hrs by road. Self-drive, cab and luxury bus, all options are available.

Krabi vs Pattaya – which is better?

Pattaya has rooms for all budgets and is more of a party destination. Pattaya is better suited for solo travellers or for travelling with friends.

Krabi is a smaller island with fewer resorts. It’s a luxury Thai destination suited more for kids, families, couples and resorts are better.

Pattaya vs Phuket – which is better?

I prefer Phuket to Pattaya, especially for family travel. I’d say please DON’T add both of them – Pattaya & Phuket in your Thailand itinerary. They are so similar, you’ll get bored if you plan to visit both on the same holiday.

Is Pattaya cheaper than Krabi?

Ya, we found Pattaya to be so much cheaper than Krabi.

  • Budget rooms : Pattaya 1.5k | Krabi 4k / night
  • Luxury rooms : Pattaya 6k+ | Krabi 13k+

What is the COST difference bw Krabi and Pattaya?

Krabi is more expensive as there are fewer options to dine out or super markets and room rates are more. It makes sense to take breakfast + dinner inclusive package for Krabi as you’d mostly be out on boat tours during lunch time.

Thailand itinerary for 5 days

Honestly, there are a lot of itineraries on the internet for Thailand. However, based on various trips we have done to Thailand, here are my suggestions for India to Thailand.

Option 1: Land in Phuket and stay 2 days at Phuket. Then take 1-hr ferry to cross over to Krabi which is located exactly on the other side. Stay 3 days at Krabi.

Option 2: Fly into Bangkok and stay 2 days here. Then drive to Pattaya for 3 days. 

Option 3: We did 6 days at Krabi with boat trips to chicken island, 4 island tour, and a boat day trip to Phuket. This way we had plenty to explore without the overhead of packing-unpacking.

Krabi vs Pattaya – which has more ATTRACTIONS

Krabi – We were mostly at the resort + boat trips. Not much to do in Krabi town

Pattaya – Apart from boat trips, Pattaya town has many attractions, museums, temples and tourist places

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What is the BEST time to go to Thailand?

Round the year, just please avoid monsoons. Also December definitely felt more pleasant than April-May.

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Krabi or pattaya which is better
Budget friendly beach destination in Thailand



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