19 Countries that Allow Indian Driving License for Tourists

oreign countries accepting indian driving licence

In which countries Indian driving license is valid

Did u know we can drive even in Switzerland, Iceland, Germany, France with english translation of Indian driving license?

Road tripping is my thing. I love the excitement of stopping, taking in the views, at every vantage point. Or simply in the middle of no-where. That feeling of spontaneity is un-matched! Isn’t it. Especially when I travel abroad, the views along the way are often unforgettable, at times better than the destination.

But then there is the hassle of getting an international driver’s license. Good news is, there are many countries where an Indian driving license is valid. All you have to do is show an English driving license while hiring the car.

In which country Indian driving license is valid?

A valid Indian driving license printed in ENGLISH is valid in any English speaking country. Please do note however that English should be the primary launguage spoken in that country. A lot of non-english speaking countries also accept our license.

Here is a list of 19 countries where you can drive with an Indian driving license.

Countries where Indian driving licence is valid for tourists

1) United Kingdom

Up to 1 year you can drive in UK, though please note that UK allows only a certain class of vehicles and not all for Indian driving licence.

2) Spain

Upto 6 months you can drive in Spain with Indian driving licence, after you have registered for residency

3) Sweden

Validity of Indian driving licence is 1year, but locals may ask you a valid ID along with licence so always carry an ID proof along with you.

4) Finland

You can drive till 1year with your Indian driving licence, but you also require health insurance to enter in this country

5) Norway

You can drive through Norway, cities, mountains, fjords for upto to 3 months. Gas stations are scarce, so fuel up well in advance.

6) Australia

You can drive for 3 months in Australia but just make sure that your Indian driving license is in English instead of the vernacular language. Fines go up on public holidays here, so be a stickler for rules when driving in Australia. The lanes are pretty well marked and we drive almost at 90-100km/hr without much need for over-taking.

7) New Zealand

Your Indian driving licence has to be in English, if not possible then ensure to carry a translated copy authorised by the New Zealand transport agency. Minimum age to drive in New Zealand is 21 years, so just make sure that you are in that age group.

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8) South Africa

In South Africa, your Indian driving licence has to be in English along with your photograph and a signature on it.

9) Mauritius

You can explore this country for up to 4 weeks with Indian driving licence.

10) Singapore

You can freely drive in Singapore, even if you are 18 year old, just carry an English translated Indian driving licence and you are good to go. Follow the rules here, more than in any other country.

11) Malaysia

To drive on Malaysian roads, your Indian Driving licence should be in Malay or in English. The document has to be issued by issuing authority or Indian embassy in Malaysia. Though its relatively cheaper to hire a driver with the car in Malaysia.

12) Hong Kong

HongKong is amazing, you can drive here for 12 months with your Indian driving licence

13) Bhutan

Get a vehicle permit to drive around the country, you can use your 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler to drive.

14) USA

You can drive legally in USA for 1 year using a driver’s licence from India. Yeah!

15) Canada

The Indian driving licence is valid for 2 months. Do not forget to follow local guidelines of driving on right side of the road.

16) Switzerland

Your Indian driving licence is valid up to 1 year in Switzerland, you can enjoy driving through the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland.

17) Iceland

You are free drive with your Indian driving licence along with passport and credit card. Validity is 1year.

18) Germany

You can drive in Germany for 6 months with your Indian driving licence, just ensure to follow local traffic rules since the Germans drives on the right side of the road, unlike Indians who drive on the left side

19) France

Indian driving licence is valid for less than 90 days, it must be written in English or accompanied by an official translation into French.

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Loved Countries where Indian Driving licence is Valid

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Pin 19 Countries That Let You Drive on holiday With An Indian Driver’s Licence!

Countries where Indian driving license is valid


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