Meghalaya places to visit | 7 day itinerary | What are most popular places in Meghalaya

Meghalaya travel guide

Meghalaya tourist places | Meghalaya tourism

In this Meghalaya travel guide, you’ll read about most stunning spots in Meghalaya, all the awesome places you should not miss to visit when in Meghalaya and some hidden gems. Add these places to your Meghalaya itinerary to make it the best trip ever.

Most popular places in Meghalaya | 7 Day Itinerary

For me, winter is the best season and reason to visit Meghalaya. If you are looking for a trip in India, Meghalaya has the best scenery, food and things to do which is worth your time and money. Writing down best paradise places to visit in Meghalaya today based on my trip in 2022.

1) Explore the Caves of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is the destination of 750 caves, only 150 have been fully or partially explored. Some of the best caves to explore in Meghalaya are Krem Mawmluh, Krem Dam, Krem Lymput, Mawsmai cave, Krem Liat Prah, Krem Lubon and Kotsai. We explored Mawsmai caves and Arwah caves over 2 days.

Mawsmai  caves

Self tour | Suited for kids, parents | Easy & fun | Fun experience going deep down in the caves

Arwah caves

Hiring guide was the best decision | Saw fossils | Best cave walk we have seen | 1.5hr trail

2) Wei Sawdong falls

This 3 level waterfall is breath-takingly beautiful and is one of the hidden waterfalls in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya we explored. It’s conveniently located at the distance of 54km from Shillong, but better explored over a day trip from Cherrapunji. You’ll climb down steep stairs   as it’s a narrow area, there won’t be any parking area so plan your trip likewise. If you want enjoy waterfall better to visit in monsoon, as it gets dry in winter season.

3) Janailar falls

Located in the midst of Sohra, also called Cherrapunji, this waterfall is seemingly mesmerizing natural swimming pool. This is also one of the hidden waterfalls in Meghalaya. And it’s not very touristy. We took a 1.5hr trail to reach here, you can hire a local guide to conduct this trail. The waterfall is also accessible via road, but the trail was real fun as it offers some of the best views along the way.

This trail and waterfall is suitable for young kids & families too.

4) Dawki, Meghalaya

Situated near Shillong is popular for it’s stunning view and natural beauty. Dawki is famous for Umngot river, which is considered to be the cleanest river in the country and it is so crystal clear that you can see everything inside the river. We got best views of the famous boating in Dawki from the Dawki bridge. We also saw a dozen camps pitched along the Dawki river probably for night camping, some Maggi vendors and chai.

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– Nov to Feb are BEST
– Oct & March is okay, as its pre/post monsoons
– May – Sep are monsoons. Boating here is CLOSED. Big NO
– Avoid April – super hot, and everything will look very barren

5) Mawlynnong tree house, Meghalaya

Mawlynnong truly stood by its image. It’s famous for being the cleanest village in Asia. We lived our Mowgli moment here. Don’t miss climbing this magnificent tree-house here. The views from top are simply unmatched.

– Entry ticket Rs 50
– 4-6 people can go together
– Wear flat soles
– Suitable for Kids 3year+, to live the Winnie the Pooh life

THINGS to do near Mawlynnong

– Living Roots 🌴bridge- you can see Bangladesh Border from here
– Homestay in Asia’s cleanest village
– Waterfall

6) Davit Scott Trail

The David Scott trail is an iconic 19th century trail near Shillong.  As soon as you reach the village you have to pay Rs 1600 to get an entry in the village, so keep some cash handy. This trail is about 16km and of medium level intensity. Its suitable for kids above 7 years, and I highly recommend taking a guide along.

Davit Scott Trail experience

While trekking you pass rolling meadows, undulating planes, and some of the best views. We crossed a river, went on a hanging bridge and even had picnic on the banks. There is a steep uphill towards the end, but other than that the trek is either downhill or flattish. There are some sacred turquoise ponds towards the end. Carry your own food and do stop at the maggi point for chai, soft drinks and of-course piping hot maggi.

Stay: Shillong is closest 
Easy/Moderate level & doable with family
Guide cost Rs 1,000, must take along
We took 5-6 hrs, including breaks for lunch by the river, Maggi point mid-way

Sights to enjoy

European style meadows
Pine & acorn trees
Deep valleys & river crossing 
Hanging bridge and hidden turquoise sacred lagoon


Start before 10am
Ask your car to wait at the exit side
First 6km downhill is most scenic, (as its easiest too)

7) Stonehenge type monoliths

Not Europe but India, yes you heard it right. There are two kinds of monoliths at thei sacred groove forest : Mawniem and Mawnam here. Mawnam were planted to mark important events, while the Mawniem are ritualistic. I recommend visiting both, they are super beautiful and their stories are way amazing to listen. We also spotted a Rudraksa tree in this forest.

Legend has it that you cannot take even a leaf or pebble out of this forest.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest details

– 27km from Shillong
– 192 acres, beautiful valley
– Stonehenge styled monolith, 14th century

Would you like to know about best stay options in Meghalaya? Or when is the best time for Meghalaya tourism? Have any more questions, pls drop in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them all and also put them all together in my next blog.

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Awesome places you should not miss to visit when in Meghalaya


  1. Meghalaya… One of my childhood friends recently take a tour of Meghalaya and shared with me her experience and I can see how much both of your match. Now I am keen to explore this place and your post will be helpful for me


  2. Wow… Meghalaya has so much to offer to be a tourist or a vacationer. The natural landscape and dreamy weather is a killer combination. Mawlynnong Tree House … would love to check it out.


  3. One of my friends went to Meghalaya last year and I’ve seen beautiful pictures of some of the places you’ve mentioned here. I’ve been wanting to go there since.


  4. I’ve seen beautiful pics and read amazing things about Meghalaya but never been there. We have planned many trips in 2023 around India and I would love to add Meghalaya to it.


  5. Mandavi, you have described Meghalaya so well in the post, feels like booking ticket and exploring caves. Thanks for the suggestions on when to visit the place. Saving this post.


  6. I haven’t been to Meghalaya yet but this is another useful blog post shared by you. Saving this for my reference in the future.


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