Maldives Seaplane vs Speedboat which is better?

Maldives Seaplane vs Speedboat - which is better

Seeing the turquoise lagoons of Maldives from above is unforgettable. But are sea plane transfers worth the spend?

Fact is, we could see them just as much when we looked out of flight window, 20 minutes before touchdown in Maldives. A seaplane experience in Maldives could definitely be more intimate and there is the excitement of flying in a floating boat, making a water landing and so on! But then always consider a few key points before making your booking.

Things to know before booking seaplane in Maldives

1. Be prepared to wait a little longer at airport as passengers are collected from other incoming international flights

2. Incase of sudden change of weather, you may have to alight on a completely different island and spend the night there.
This happened to my friend, yes it sounds un-believable!

3. The ride is worth, only on a clear day! Which in Maldives is very unpredictable. The sky story changes here on an hourly basis.

4. Seaplanes cost a BOMB, esp if you are travelling as a family!

How much does a Seaplane cost in Maldives?

In Maldives, cost of the seaplane transfer depends on the distance of resort from main island Male. Some resorts, that are far away, may only be reachable by seaplanes with no option of taking a speedboat. Before booking your resort in Maldives, remember to check this.

Resorts that are very close to Male, about 15-20 mins by speedboat maynot have the option to reach via seaplane. Maldives seaplane cost also varies depending on luxury rating of the resort.

Its roughly in the range of Rs 25,000-45,000 per person for the round trip. Both speedboat and seaplane transfers need to be pre-booked via the resort.

So, Seaplane or Speedboat in Maldives – which would be better?

Maldives blue lagoons are even more beautiful than I imagined – from the diving perspective underwater, as well as from above. I feel, this money is better spent on experiences such as Discover Scuba dive & Water Sports which are so much SAFER in Maldives owing to shallow waters here.

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Maldives Seaplane vs Speedboat

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