Seychelles itinerary from India | Mahe or Praslin – where to stay?

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Seychelles trip itinerary | Mahe vs Praslin | La Digue vs Praslin | Visa Details

Looking for Seychelles itinerary? Seychelles is a stunning, a lesser-known paradise and the very definition of what one may call the bucket-list destinbation. It’s relatively less explored which honestly was the main reason why we planned our tour to Seychelles.

Why are Seychelles beaches different?

They are not only breathtakingly postcard but also very unique to gape at! Seychelles is made up of 115 coral and granite islands and all the islands have stunning boulder dotted coastline. Only 3 of these islands are inhabited and water is insanely turquoise pretty much anywhere along its coastline.

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Mahe vs Praslin – where to stay?

It’s not a tough choice as to where to plan your stay in Seychelles. There are only 3 islands that are inhabited. Mahe being the largest but to experience the real beauty of this island paradise nation you have to choose to stay either at La Digue or Praslin where the colour of water turns an intoxicating shade of turquoise.

La Digue vs Praslin

Both are tiny islands. Praslin has a population of 8,000 people vs La Digue which is just 2,000. La Digue is a no car zone, so you cycle around the town. Its pretty awesome. It’s hard-to-find big resorts, most accommodations are beach facing and B&B styled. Experience slow paced life here in La Digue!

Praslin has many big resorts, gold courses, shopping & many beaches. We stayed at Praslin and took a boat trip to La Digue.

Seychelles itinerary from India

Seychelles is one of the top beach destinations in the world for 1 week travel. Its good for couples and families with kids. In our itinerary, we planned to spend all night on one island with boat trip to La Digue. We also spent our last day at Mahe.

Seychelles 1 week itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive from Mumbai to Mahe island in the morning. Ferry to Praslin. Anse Volbert

Day 2 – Anse Lazio

Day 3 – Vallee de Mai + kayaking at Anse Volbert

Day 4 – Turtle Island with snorkelling

Day 5 – Ferry to La Digue. Anse Source d’Argent, glass bottom kayaking

Day 6 – Anse Georgette

Day 7 – Ferry to Mahe. Breakfast at Station cafe. Visit Tea Factory viewpoint, spend the noon at Beau Vallon Beach with dinner at Eden Island. Night flight back to India

Seychelles itinerary tip

The return flight to Mumbai is at late night, so we took the morning ferry to Mahe from Praslin and hired a car for the day. Having a car gave us the flexibility to drive around for sightseeing and also carry our luggage around with ease.

Seychelles package from India

There are many tours to Seychelles. The tour cost can really vary depending on your choice of hotel and number of activties you include. This Seychelles package from India includes return flights. Its pretty well priced. Further, this MakeMyTrip holiday expert is my aquaintace and can help with itineray and booking.

Seychelles tour cost

Cost: Seychelles package from India starts at 1 lakh/pp, including airfare

You can book on this link & use the coupon code for more discounts.Use this Seychelles tour package dicsount code: VOMHEXMMTNP7614R4.  

Seychelles tour operator

MakeMyTrip Holiday Expert:+91 96069 22608

Seychelles flight details

Duration 4.5hrs

Air Seychelles has direct flight from Mumbai to Mahe island every Friday. This flight is only once a week, so you have to plan for a one week itinerary unless you club it with Mauritius which is a popular choice many tour operators provide.

Seychelles visa for Indians

Visa is on arrival in Seychelles for India tourists. The process takes less than 20 mins up[on arrival in Mahe.

Would you like me to share how much does a trip to Seychelles cost from India in my next post? Best hotels to stay in Praslin? Do drop in the comments.

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Loved Seychelles Trip Itinerary

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Trip to Seychelles from India | Seychelles tourism from India | Seychelles itinerary from India


  1. This is something outstanding you shared as this place is already there in my to do list and you simplified by problem and I can easily make out the itinerary for my trip to this wonderful destination


  2. Seychelles is a perfect gateway for those who wish to enjoy being close to nature in it’s true glory and of course experience peace, serenity and adventure. It’s on our travel wishlist!


  3. Bookmarked this post! Seychelles is on my bucket list and your travelogue has all the info I need. Thank you for the details as I am going to plan a trip soon. The blue waters are so tempting.


  4. I’ve been following your Seychelles trip on Instagram and ita beauty is truly breathtaking! Thanks for the detailed itinerary. This indeed is on my bucket list. Will check out more on it.


  5. You wont belive but few days back my daughter asked me if we could go to Seychelles and I was like let’s see during your holidays we can plan something and here is the itenary ready for me. Is this telepathy or what. This is a sign I need to take here to Seychelles now.


  6. Seychelles is on my bucket list. This blog post is useful to plan the itinieary day wise. You have shared the detailed information, one must be looking to plan the trip.


  7. Seychelles beeches looks so beautiful and a must visit place. My close friends have gone here for their honeymoon and since then it’s been on my list. Loved your detailed itinerary which would be very helpful


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