Scuba tips for non swimmers – Things you need to know  | What NOT to do

Scuba tip for non swimmers - Things to know

Looking for scuba tips for non swimmers? How to scuba dive safely and feel comfortable under water? Things not to do while scuba diving as a beginner? Is Scuba Diving Easy for Non Swimmers? Read on!

What scuba is best suited for non swimmers?

  • Book 1-day diving experience called Discover Scuba.
  • This dive is easy introduction to scuba in shallow water
  • Dive master in Discover Scuba will always by your side, holding you all along

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This becomes important as it builds confidence and helps you stay calm under water.

Scuba tip for non swimmers – Things you need to know

  1. You dont need swimming skills as Scuba gear helps you to swim with fins flapping
  2. Legs do all the work, using the fins. You really don’t use your arms or swimming skill at all when scuba diving
  3. The scuba gear means you can breathe, move and stay neutrally buoyant in the water and enjoy looking at all the fish & corals!
  4. Know your breathing, under water signals and you are set !

Scuba tip for non swimmers – What NOT to do

  1. Reschedule your scuba if having nasal congestion or cough as it makes breathing part tricky.
  2. Its really easy to get comfortable with underwater breathing by practicing snorkelling on the beach. 
  3. Don’t try diving without wetsuit

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Scuba tip for non swimmers – Dos & Donts

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Scuba diving tips for non swimmers - Dos and donts

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