Best Offbeat, Easy Treks in India – Pocket Friendly for Beginners

Best Easy Treks in India

Most Offbeat Treks In India– Can’t Miss The First  Two

Trekking is the ideal kind of activity for mountain lovers. It is not only appreciated for its aesthetic effect on our mind but also its adventurous activities. Trekking brings a gush of fresh air to our monotonous daily life. And so, most of us can never say NO to a single chance of it. 

Today we are going to discuss some offbeat trekking trips in India which are just the right ones for people who are thinking about going on the first or second trek of their life. These easy treks that are not going to get you tired and you can enjoy the whole trip. They are also very pocket friendly treks. So, let’s start.


Nag Tibba Trek is considered one of the easiest treks in India. It is preferred by beginners a lot because of its short duration. The trek takes around 2 days and you can do it on weekends also. You have to trek 9915 feet to reach Nag Tibba summit. It is located in the Garhwal region of the lower Himalayas. One can reach it in three ways and you can talk about your options, with your trekking guide.

The trek starts from Panthwari which is around 90 km from Dehradun city. Mussourie is also nearby to it. One can enjoy the way through the forest and enjoy the glance of the groups of Gangotri peaks, Bandarpoonch peaks, and the panoramic view of Dehradun city. It is best to visit it from October to April. Winter is also a good time for trekking at Nag Tibba as it does not get closed due to heavy snowfall. People also go there in the months of summer.

Nearest city: Dehradun Trek Duration: 2 – 3 days Best time: October to April


For a short trek near Mumbai, Trek to Peb Vikatgarh Fort is another popular beginner’s level trek thats very offbeat. One can access this place from Mumbai easily. The location is 55 kilometers away from Mumbai City. The fort is located on the Matheran Hill range and it is around 2150 feet above sea level. It is nearby Neral, Maharashtra. The place is along the route of Pune and Mumbai. So, the people of both cities prefer this trek. It is a less crowded trek trip and people who love fewer people around in trek, will find it best for them. Those who love both treks and greenery should try this one once atleast.

The whole trek takes place amidst green forest. The scenic way will take you to the fort and you can also visit the Swami Samartha temple located at the top of the fort. You can enjoy the strong wind at the top of the fort. You can also explore the Peb Vikatgarh fort which takes around 1 hour.

Nearest city: Mumbai Trek Duration: 3 hours Best time: October to April

Easy treks near Mumbai

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Nandi Hills Trek is the perfect one for beginners who are located in Bengaluru city. The trek is so easy that you can also perform it with your children and family. Rather it is suggested as one of the best introductory treks for your kids around Bengaluru. The location is only 35 kilometers away from the city center of Bengaluru. The trek takes very little time which is only 5-6 hours.

There are a lot of trails one can follow to trek this hill. Many people go to the Nandi hills for trekking including experienced trekkers. So, try to reach there early and start trekking to avoid unnecessary crowd. Also, it is important to avoid the scorching heat of the afternoon. You can enjoy the green vegetation along the way to the top of the hill. Bolder hopping is the main attraction of this trek. Once you reach the top, you will see amazing bird’s eye view of the places around.

Nearest city: Bengaluru Trek Duration: 5 – 6 hours Best time: October to February 

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Ajodhya hill range is situated in the Purulia district of West Bengal. It is an extension of the Dalma Hills, Jharkhand. The hill is considered one of the best beginners’ level trek nearby Kolkata city. It is 300 kilometers away from Kolkata. This east trek takes only 2 days and one can do it at the weekends also. The hill has a height of 2400 feet from sea level. The trek is quite rocky but there is a lot of greenery also.

It was previously preferred by the rock climbers most but now trekkers both beginners and the experienced love Ajodhya hill trekking. The base camp of this trek is Baghmundi. People enjoy the vegetation, waterfalls, dams alongside the rocky trails. There are multiple hills there named Mayur hill, Matha hill, Pakhi hill, etc. Gorgaburu hill is the highest peak of this range. There is a small river also named Shova which has water in the rainy season. One also enjoys the pollution-free environment of the hills and bird watching. 

Nearest city: Kolkata Trek Duration: 2 days Best time: October to March 

Best treks in India for beginners

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What is the Diffuculty Level & Budget for these treks?

Trekking is the dream of many mountain lovers. But it becomes impossible sometimes due to budget, age and time. The above-mentioned short treks are not going to consume much time or money. They are very easy and so, age or your physical disabilities will not pose any challenge in the way of achieving your dream. 

Each of the treks is easy to reach by four big metro cities of India. So, people living in these cities, especially the ones who are tired with their busy work schedules can go for these enjoyments on their weekends.

Hope you guys like these trek plans. Best of luck!

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Loved Offbeat Places to Trek in India on Budget

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Trekking trips in India for beginners


  1. The only time I went trekking, was when I went to Karnala fort on a school picnic 🙂 Off-Late all those beautiful yet dangerous looking trek photos on Instagram not withstanding, I have developed a keen interest in trekking destinations. but owning to lack of practice, I can only manage beginner level trekking spots as of now. Thanks to your list, I now know where to start! I am especially keen on visiting the Peb Fort soon.


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