AULI – Quick Guide to the ski capital of Uttrakhand

Auli quick Guide to the ski capital of Uttrakhand -1

Ungrip the phone, let go of the to-do list. Pack your bags and move your mind to a place where real priorities align and relaxation ensues.

Head up to the ‘ski capital of Uttrakhand’ if you are looking at some outdoor adventure. Notably, December to March are the best months to experience skiing in Auli. The snow is at its peak and its freezing at sub-zero temperatures at this time of the year. It doesnot matter whether you are an experienced mountaineer or a beginner, you don’t quite require a prior experience. Swoop down fresh slopes of snow and enjoy the adrenaline rush which lasts not only during the slide but also when you skid to halt and find your balance. Word has it that the French and Australian experts consider Auli to be one of the best ski destinations in the world. Snowboarding is another popular adventure here, where you descend down a snow-covered slope standing on a snowboard.

If you like to go easy paced, take the low intense adventure like tube-sliding where you park your bottom inside a big inflated tube and go whooshing down a slippery slope. For the rest there always is the excitement of walking in knee deep snow, making a snowman and have a snow fight!

Situated in the upper Himalayan range, Auli also has the majestic Nanda Devi – India’s second highest peak for a backdrop. This small picturesque town, dotted with apple orchards and oak trees in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand renders vista covered in powdery snow and offers much more than just skiing.

Little do people know that Auli is also famous as Dev-Bhoomi or the Land of the God making it an important pilgrimage destination for the Hindus. Legend has it that when Laxmana got injured fighting the Rakshas, lord Hanuman flew from Lanka to Mt Sanjeevani. On his way he took some rest in Auli and that’s the spot where the auspicious Hanuman temple stands even today.

Auli also lies enroute to the holy town of Badrinath. During winter months, the Badrinath temple is shut down due to heavy snowfall and the main deity is transported and kept at a temple in Joshinath, the base town to Auli, offering a golden opportunity for all worshippers to pay a visit.

Things to do in Auli – Quick Itinerary

  • Take the 22 minute ropeway ride from Joshimath to Auli which offers breathtakingly views of the snow clad peaks and valley below.
  • Catch the sunset over Hathi and Ghoda snowy peaks
  • Buckle up on the open chair-car ride zip all the the way up to the highest point of skiing.
  • Visit Auli artificial lake, one of the highest man-made lakes in the world.
  • Hire a Sherpa and go trekking along one of the numerous picturesque routes in the hills of Garhwal Himalayas.
  • Offer prayers at the Hadimba temple.
  • Spend some time by the calm and serene Beas river which has remained largely untouched and unexplored by tourists.

Best time to visit Auli : October to March

Approx. cost: $$$

How to reach Auli

Nearest city: Dehradun (295 km) Nearest airport: Jolly Grant airport (279 km) Nearest railway station: Rishikeshstation (259 km)

Average Temperatures in Auli | Monthly weather in Auli

January: 5/-4 degrees

February: 8/-3 degrees

March: 9/-1 degrees

April: 14/2 degrees

Other places to visit near Auli

Nainital, Badrinath, Hemkund, Ghangaria, Valley of Flowers

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Auli Guide to the ski capital of Uttrakhand


  1. I had visited many beautiful places in Utrakhand in past but never get a chance to vist Auli. with recent pandemic, we had not travelled much in last year, so after reading your post feeling tempted to visit it. thanks a lot dear for sharing all details.


  2. I dont now about skiing but would definitely like to do tube sliding at Auli. Would like to visit the place someday for sure:)


  3. I never headd auli until I bumped on this post.. it seems beautiful.. I am planning a trip in next 2 to 3 months to the north.. well this can be an added destination thanks to you


  4. I came to knw about Auli when my neighbors went their for their holidays in Jan this year and they were all praises about this place. It’s already in our bucket list of travel plans.


    1. Auli is a very beautiful place and perfect for holidaying . I was not sure about skiing thing . Your post is very helpful in this case .


  5. really enjoyed reading your post. Auli has always been on my to-do but I hope it happens this year.. But as you suggest in the blog, December to March perhaps wud be the most ideal given one can club it with skiing.


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