Is Scuba Diving Easy for Non Swimmers?Should I Scuba Dive WITHOUT knowing how to swim?

Should I Scuba diving if I cant swim

Can I learn to scuba dive if I can’t swim? How does Scuba feel as non swimmers? Been thinking about it?

Is Scuba Diving Easy for Non Swimmers?

Do you have to know how to swim to scuba dive? Or is it necessary to know swimming for scuba diving?

I’d say, it’s not easy, it’s not a cake walk. But believe me when I say, not knowing swimming has NOTHING to do with scuba dive. I have dived three times and all I ever needed was to know that

  • I will not have fear of height, yes we do feel altitude while going down towards sea bed.
  • That I will be comfortable with water.
  • Or rather being under water.

And a SIMPLE way to judge that is by trying snorkeling at the beach. Beyond that, it’s all about courage and/or that desire to overcome fear.

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Will Scuba Dive Instructor Hold YOU during the dive?

Also know that your PADI dive instructor will stick by you and you can hold on to him/her for dear life for every damn second of your dive. I found it really comforting to hold my dive mater on his upper arm, like an arm twist or lock.

Tip: On my 3rd dive, I wasn’t feeling confident under water when he held me from top, by clawing my dive suit.  So, I immediately insisted and changed to arm lock. Half the fear is about seeing that someone is holding on to you, you see!

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Scuba dive for non swimmers – Things to know

  • Book 1-day diving experience called Discover Scuba.
  • This dive is easy introduction to scuba in shallow water
  • Dive master will always by your side, holding you all along


  • You don’t need swimming skills as Scuba gear helps you to swim with fins flapping
  • Legs do all the work, using the fins. You really don’t use your arms or swimming skill at all when scuba diving
  • The scuba gear means you can breathe, move and stay neutrally buoyant in the water and enjoy looking at all the fish & corals!
  • Know your breathing, under water signals and you are set !

Scuba Dive Safety – When NOT to dive

Reschedule your scuba if having nasal congestion or cough as it makes breathing part very very tricky. You may also impact your lungs adversely.

Scuba Dive Tip for Non-Swimmers – important & works

It’s really easy to get comfortable with underwater breathing by practicing snorkelling on the beach. You can also practice breathing with snorkelling gear  in the swimming pool or a lagoon.

Is Maldives good for diving? How much does Scuba diving cost in Maldives?

Water is more calm in Maldives, its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters make diving an idyllic experience here. Also keep in mind that Scuba diving is costliest in Maldives, almost double of else where like Caribbean or Australia and multiple times of Goa.

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Can You Scuba Dive WITHOUT Knowing How to Swim?

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Can I learn to scuba dive if I can't swim?

Do you need to swim to scuba dive | Scuba diving without swimming

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  1. That smile on your face explain it all. Thanks for explaining in detail how a non-swimmer can also enjoy the underwater experience.


  2. Actually I am zero in swimming but yes I love water and after reading your post I am sure I would love to try Scuba dive it seems amazing thank you for sharing this out.


  3. this was interesting. I did know that you can enjoy scuba diving even without not knowing swimming. thanks for sharing all insights. mu husband enjoy all sorts of water activities. will share this info with him.


  4. I think I’ve done this in India or Bali. Cannot recall. But the head gear that they gave was so heavy for my shoulders that I was waiting to get back up. The view was beautiful and due to this sometimes you forget that you are under water (even for non swimmers and under water tensed people like me).


  5. I always had the doubt that non-swimmers can do scuba diving or not. Your post is very helpful to understand the whole scuba diving experience and shall build courage to do so. And yes having the saviour right next to you makes you more confident to take the plunge.


  6. I did scuba diving during my honeymoon and I am not a swimmer and also an asthmatic. I had jitters before we started but it was such a wonderful experience of my life. Thank God I didn’t give in to my fears.


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