32 Things to do in Maldives with Family in 2021

32 experiences in Maldives with Family Kids & Friends

What to do in Maldives with family for a kickass beach vacay!

No doubt, Maldives is for travelers who love being outdoors. But is there anything to do in Maldives with family? We went to Maldives during the lockdown with our kids and family friends and here is a list of 32 activities that can help you have a kickass vacay in Maldives! Take a print and make your Maldives checklist now.

Also, is not knowing how to swim, coming in your way of planning adventure sports? You may find Can I learn to scuba dive if I can’t swim? a big savior! 

Signature Maldives Experiences Enroute to your Resort

  1. Scenic Flight Over Maldives Islands
  2. Sea Plane Airport Transfers
  3. Dolphin Watching
  4. Speedboat – Sail for 20-40 mins through scintillating turquoise waters

Things to do in Maldives at the Resort (most are free)

  • Star Gazing
  • Maldivian Beautiful Ocean Swings
  • Jazz Nights And Live Bands
  • Whale & Shark feeding Tour
  • Sunset Dinner
  • Beach Cinema
  • Walk Down Straight into the Ocean, from your Pool Villa
  • Experience Kayaking for FREE
  • Indulge in SPA therapy, this usually costs a bomb!

Adventure Activities in Maldives that Non Swimmers can Enjoy

Though you surely can Scuba dive as a non swimmer, these are some more activities you can enjoy.

  1. Visit Glowing Beach
  2. Sky Diving over Maldives
  3. Glass Bottom Boat Trip to View Corals of Maldives

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Popular Water Sports to learn in Maldives

With gentle waters and shallow beach, we found it so much easier to try and experiment different water sports for us and the kids. Sand is powdery soft here, which means when you topple off, you don’t end up in a bruise at all. Frankly, cost aside Maldives is great if you want kids to overcome fear for water or even try out new forms of water sports.

  1. Scuba diving (min age is 10 years)
  2. Banana Boat Ride
  3. Jet Ski
  4. Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  5. Fly High With Parasailing
  6. Water Skiing
  7. Get Thrilled with Flyboarding
  8. Snorkelling
  9. Underwater Treasure Hunting
  10. Kite-Surfing

Is snorkeling without knowing swimming possible? Absolutely! Its surprising how many people actually dont try snorkelling believeing they need swimming skills.

Things to do with kids in Maldives

For days when you don’t want to be beach bumming, try out some of these unique experience in Maldives with kids

  • Day Tour of Male
  • Underwater Party & Dining
  • Experience Submarine Tour
  • Explore Friday Mosque of Maldives
  • Visit Local Villages
  • Revisit History at Maldives National Museum
  • Island Hopping

Things to do in Maldives at Night

  • Night Fishing
  • Private Beach dinner
  • Karaoke and DJ night

Final Thoughts – Things to to in Maldives for Indians

There are a ton and more activities to do in Maldives for Indian whether you can swim or not. If you are planning to travel with kids, family friends or your own parents, there is something refreshing for everyone here. Hope this ultimate list helps you arrive at your perfect Maldives itinerary.

Btw, what are your top 2 absolute favorite things to do in Maldives ? Mine are no 17 & 10

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32 experiences in Maldives with Kids & Family Friends
What to do in Maldives with family | Things to do with kids in Maldives


  1. Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive post. We missed out on quite a few on our last trip. Definitely bookmarking this for when we can visit again.


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