Treat Sensitive Teeth caused by Braces

Treat Sensitive Teeth caused by Braces

Tips for dealing with sensitive teeth and braces | Five Easy Ways to Reduce Braces Pain

Sensitivity in teeth is a very common dental phenomenon. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 40 million adults in the United States have sensitive teeth.

Your tooth sensitivity could be caused by a variety of things.  When you expose your teeth to something hotter (or colder) than normal, something sweeter (or more sour) than typical, or if you have deep cavities or exposed root surfaces, you may experience sensitivity. So how what causes teeth sensitivity, can it be treated and how to stay fit at home? Lets talk about all this and more today. 

Why is Teeth Sensitivity caused by braces?

Braces treatment is used to shift the teeth and correct their alignment. While tooth sensitivity is a common problem, braces can play a role in increasing the intensity of pain as they put pressure on the teeth. However, this is a short-term phenomenon. The pain exists only till the time your teeth and gums undergo an adjustment period.

How to minimise the teeth sensitivity caused by braces

When you wear braces, it is essential to follow all the necessary instructions that have been given by your orthodontist for dental hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing will minimise any wearing of the enamel, and as a result, keep your teeth strong and free from pain.

How can you treat teeth sensitivity at home?

If you are experiencing sensitive teeth and you wear braces, here are some tried and tested home remedies for teeth sensitivity treatment. But you must consult your orthodontist before using these:

1. Oil Pulling

Coconut and sesame oil have anti bacterial properties, which also help reduce the plaque build up. Oil pulling with these oils helps remove the bacteria from your mouth and thus aids in curing tooth sensitivity.

  • Take a tablespoon full of the oil of your choice.
  • Swish the oil inside your mouth for a good 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Spit it out and rinse your mouth with warm water
  • And lastly, brush your teeth well with toothpaste.

2. Salt Water Rinse

Sensitive teeth are often the result of bacteria that forms inside your mouth. Salt water is antibacterial in nature. You can use lukewarm water for best results; it also acts as a massage for toothache or sore gums.

3. Toothpaste and brush for sensitive teeth:

Certain toothpastes which are made for sensitive teeth contain ingredients which temporarily fill the tiny holes in your enamel. They are therefore effective in relieving the symptom of your pain. Also, soft bristled brushes do not hurt your gums or damage your enamel, thereby relieving toothache.

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4. Clove and Garlic:

Clove and garlic are known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. They help reduce the tooth sensitivity and any kind of infection that is causing tooth ache or sore gums. It acts as a natural anaesthesia.

5. Avoid Problematic Foods and Beverages:

Teeth sensitivity exacerbates when you consume certain kinds of foods and beverages. Acidic foods like coffee, sodas, pickles, and citrus fruits tend to increase sensitivity. Likewise, extremely hot or cold foods are also harmful to your teeth and may cause pain or discomfort. So, it’s best to avoid these foods altogether if possible, or minimise consumption.

Can Teeth Sensitivity be treated at home?

Teeth sensitivity is a common problem, but it can be managed well with good dental hygiene and proper care. Patients who wear braces and have sensitive teeth must be cautious, to ensure least discomfort.

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