6 Things MOVIE Buffs Must Do When FIRST Time In Mumbai

I love watching movies, I am capable of watching just any and every movie! My standards on movies are pretty low you can say! I am obsessed with cinema! So obviously one of the first things I did when I came to Mumbai was drive to Bandra bandstand to see Mannat and Rekha’s bungalow. That very same day I infact spotted Farooq Sheikh walking out of another apartment, purely by chance. We walked to the neighboring Galaxy apartments which is not too far! I ofcourse went to see Big B’s bungalows the next weekend!

Movie Buff

Over time many concept restaurants came up, I can say 3 out of 10 times that I have been to Indigo Deli, there has been a celebrity of the likes of Deepika and Anil Kapoor! And it’s not unusual to see a celebrity at High Street Phoenix or Infiniti Mall or in upscale Bandra cafes! So celebrity spotting is definitely one big exciting thing about Mumbai. There are a few other interesting things that you can plan for your first time in Mumbai too.



#1 A sure shot way to spot some stars is to head to a Play at NCPA or Prithvi Theatres. If your chosen play features bigger names like Anupam Kher or Shekhar Suman, you can see them perform from up-close. In any case, you are sure to spot many celebrities and TV personalities in the audience or while waiting outside before the show begins. The seating at Prithvi is more freestyle, so you can really see them perform from close. It’s also situated in the heart of Juhu, so definitely a bigger crowd puller for celebrity play-goers. On the other side, NCPA has one of the most opulent theatres and stages! You are in for an experience of a different scale here. Sophia and Stephens are other theatres though of a smaller scale. The Mumbai Opera House has also been restored recently and looks very promising, though I am yet to visit here.


#2 Kiddles – this exclusive kids only theatre at Metro Cinema has recently been opened for young movie goers. It’s a 45 seater movie auditorium showcasing only children’s movies. Children will love the Lego themed bright interiors and seating. The theatre also boasts of a Play Lounge where kids can play with age appropriate toys before and after the movie! The children’s food menu is a fit hit.


#3 If you happen to be in Mumbai around the Times Literature fest, you really get to go inside the Mehboob Studios, all the stages. No extra permission or pulls needed. Goes without saying, a number of celebs grace the occasion. Most of the studios otherwise donot let in outsiders/commoners.


#4 Ballard estate is a popular destination for movie shootings, especially on a Sunday evening when the regular office-goers crowd is relatively much thinner. Once I was sipping coffee at the Starbucks and Rani Mukjerji was shooting right outside for the movie Mardaani.

#5 If you can, try to catch a movie preview. I think this is purely through contacts though.

#6 Otherwise, if you are keen and if you are as crazy as me, you have the luxury to book the whole screen for a private movie screening at many multiplexes here in Mumbai. It could be for a birthday celebration or a large family get together! And the process is pretty simple, you have to just call the multiplex, usually the smaller screens are the ones that are rented out for these private screenings. I know that the IMAX at Phoenix Market City and High Street Phoenix take private screening bookings.


Now that I have thrown some light on aamchi Mumbai, it’s time to pick your camera for some action!!

If you know of any other interesting places to see or things to do, then do drop a line in the comment box!


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