Why You Must Experience Tokyo Shopping At Least Once In Your Lifetime

No-one knows a city’s secrets quite like those who have explored it at length.  We all know Tokyo shopping districst are not one to be missed but where do you start? Where to shop for clothes in Tokyo? Where to shop for luxury handbags and clutches in Tokyo or where to go on a shoe string budget shopping in Tokyo?

We know there are millions of things to do in Tokyo, here is a handy guide you may want to read and bookmark for future, if you wanna be a shopaholic in Japan!

Where to shop for clothes in Tokyo


Best place for :Luxury shopping in Tokyo

Ginza is Tokyo’s most high-end shopping destination and gorgeously lined with designer brands from all across the globe. Name a brand and you are sure to locate a larger-than-life-sized store here, boasting of a collection better than most parts of the world.


The strikingly imposing multi-storey Luis Vuitton showroom here, displaying exotically designed bags is too tempting to be resisted. The façade is almost over-whelming if you are the kind who is big on shopping!


Trivia: Interestingly Ginza means ‘silver mint’ and today’s Ginza was once the site of a silver coin mint. The name Ginza is synonymous with old wealth, luxury goods and well-heeled ladies.


Best Time to shop at Ginza

It is best to experience Ginza on weekend afternoon, when the central Chuo Dori street is closed to automobile traffic and becomes a large pedestrian zone. There are plenty of cafes, chic restaurants and bars, a very pleasant area to go for a leisurely stroll or window-shopping!!

Where to shop in Tokyo


Best place for: High street shopping in Tokyo

Without a doubt, Shibuya crossing lives up to its reputation of being notoriously the busiest intersection in the WORLD. At peak hours, more than 3000 people, pouring out from all directions cross here as the traffic lights change.


Best time to visit Shibuya Crossing

The sight is incredibly imposing on a Friday or Saturday night.

Trivia: Shibuya also has a reputation of belonging to the city youths. That explains why all high street popular brands have jumbo sized stores on adjoining streets.


GU | Japan’s fast fashion retailer

Best place for : Everyday trendy shopping in Tokyo

Do you love shopping? Are you looking for trendy, affordable stores, especially local Japanese brands? Surprisingly Tokyo is also one of the best countries for fashionistas. Check out GU, Japanese fast fashion retailer which is focused on “trendy yet affordable” line especially for the young generation which loves to shop for fast moving fashion and trends every season.

Trivia : There are 280 stores across the country and one on practically every high street or mall.


UNIQLO | Popular across all age groups

Best place for : Shoe string budget shopping in Tokyo

The GU company also owns UNIQLO, another top fast fashion retailers which is further cheaper and hugely popular among all generations, especially if you are on a shoe string budget. I picked a few workout clothes from Uniqlo and they tuned out to be fabulous quality.


Muji | Authenic modern Japanese clothing & home decor

Best place for : Good quality everyday essentials shopping in Tokyo

Japan’s beloved brand Muji is your place to be if you are looking for good quality clothes, japanese fashion, stationery or home decor.


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