Why use Menstrual Cups for Travel and Backpacking | Answers to your questions

If you are looking for why use menstrual cups for beginners, or why use menstrual cups for travel, you will find all this and more in this post.

So you have heard tonnes about menstrual cup, you are interested in trying a menstrual cup but just have too many questions! You got so confused, last time you tried reading about menstrual cups that you gave up the idea altogether. Who cares anyways, but we must.

Why use a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a reusable silicone cup that collects your flow for upto 12 hours making it a highly eco friendly alternative. Products like the Everteen menstrual cup last for about one whole year, also making this a much economical choice. Its usually odour free and most reviews claim menstrual cups to be really comfortable and easy to use.

Is a Menstrual Cup hard to put in and take out?

I had the exact same concerns and frankly also the main reason that was keeping me away from making the switch. But then, once I bought the pack, I found that all instructions are clearly stated on its packaging not to mention the many helpful YouTube videos that explain the process of insertion and removal in the most understandable manner. So no, once you get a hang of this, first time around, its fairly simple to use a menstrual cup.


How do I make the switch?

Tell yourself, its soft, easy to use, 100% safe AND do not cause skin irritation at all.


Why menstrual cup is best for travelling and backpacking?

“Why do menstrual cups work for travel?”

 Now, coming to the main question, why is menstrual cup is best for travelling and backpacking. Well there are many reasons. Menstrual cups

  • Are comfortable to wear in hot destinations
  • Fees up space in your travel bag so you can pack in those extra gladiators
  • Not to say, what a lifesaver if you love to wear tankinis
  • You can pull an all nighter camping without need to visit the restrooms for change
  • Saves money on re-purchase, if travelling internationally
  • And you will always be prepared for the un-predictable, if your periods are irregukar.

With menstrual cups, you will have a little more freedom to perform all your favourite sports and outdoor activities such as yoga, dancing, swimming and more.


Where to buy  Menstrual Cups?

You can easily buy one online, on amazon or on the product site directly. You can look for Everteen menstrual cups as it’s made of medical-grade silicon and is available in 02 sizes – Small and Large. The small cup is for light-to-normal flow while large cup can hold more and is suitable for normal-to-heavy flow.

Want to buy one, click here

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Menstrual cups for beginners

Over to you- what questions do you have about Menstrual Cup? Write to me in the comments. 

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