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Baby Wet Wipes

What are some of the smart usages of wet wipes? Where all to use baby wet wipes? Why use Intimate Hygiene wipes? How to clean makeup with baby wet wipes? Get your answers to these and many more here.

Baby wet wipes, well what can I say! They are pretty much the Swiss army knife of parenting. I swear in God, I am an expert on atleast ONE thing in this world, I am an expert at using wet wipes!

Hold on that giggle, will you.

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You know you are a “pro” mom when you use baby wipes for cleaning up random spills, the dashboard of your car, the dinner placemats and your entire bathroom. Wanna know more, here are my 21 extraordinary ways with wet wipes you never thought you’d use.

Wet wipes smart usages Indoors | Personal grooming

“What is that one personal grooming essentials every woman needs”

You guessed the answer, it’s the humble baby wet wipes which can effortlessly clean any mess. Let’s find out how.

  1. Amazing for removing eye makeup
  2. They effortlessly can fix any makeup mistakes with minimal effort
  3. For giving a little extra moisture to cuticles before manicure & pedicure
  4. Or to wipe away extra nail polish when painting your nails
  5. Don’t reach out for hairspray, wet wipes can tame flyaway hair like non other
  6. If you use hair color at home, you know how tough it is to remove those drips and stains around your hairline and neck. Keep a pack of wet wipes handy and quickly wipe it off. It works like magic
  7. Say good bye to embarrassing sweat strains

Outdoors | Instant sanitizing 

“How can wet wipes come handy for instant santizing?”

  1. By keeping the germs from shoes from entering your house, wipe the soles and sides with wet wipes before stacking them in your shoe rack
  2. Sanitize any germ ridden public spots, incredibly useful
  3. Give the wheels of your baby pram or trike a quick polish before parking inside your house

Wet wipes | Intimate hygiene

  1. Intimate discomfort, use intimate wet wipes, for instant reliefGreen-Leaf-Isolated-on-White-Background-Vector-Illustration1
  2. Or to feel fresh and clean with mild cleansing benefits
  3. Awesome for germs and virus sanitization after using public restrooms

>Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes are one such intimate wipes, easily available in India, made with biodegradable cloth and natural plant extracts. I love the fact that each wipe is wrapped individually for convenience making it totally hygienic and easy to carry in smallest of handbags.

Indoors | Home use

  1. Upcycling the wipes container by crafting it as first aid kit for your car or a travel jewelry box. This fix is also environmentally friendly!
  2. Recycling as dusting cloth. Dry them up and bunch it all together like a great hand mop
  3. Oops strains on carpet and upholstery, wet wipes will take them off like a pro
  4. Grubby discoloured switches and board, polish them off with wet wipes and they’ll look as good as new

Outdoors | Staying healthy

  1. Use it to temporarily tame a sunburn, after a little extra exposure at the beach
  2. Keep some wet wipes always handy for cleaning cuts & scrapes hygienically
  3. Great toilet paper substitute when on the move
  4. Mop off any deodorant white marks by pressing the wet wipes for a few seconds

Never thought of so many ingenious uses of wet wipes, did you? Hence making it to the top 5 must-haves in my tote and travel kit. Baby wipes are a life saver, for adults too! 

Loved this post on 21 extraordinary ways with baby wet wipes you never thought you’d use | My handbag upgrade

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21 extraordinary ways with baby wet wipes you never thought you'd use

What are your unusual ways with baby wet wipes, I’d love to learn a few from you. Let me know in the comments below.

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Baby Wet Wipes

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  1. Been using Intimate wash for quite some time, but wipes also look a good option, especially while travelling.


  2. Baby wipes are the most important and useful thing in my bag. I use them a lot Especially when my kid hands gets sticky while eating cheese popcorn in the movie hall.


  3. My use of baby wipes us basic. Cleaning multiple surfaces. Blinds, kitchen counter, sink handles etc. I also use them in cleaning inside of my car.


  4. Now that we are done with diapers, I sold all the extra 6 packets that I bought online. I have a couple of them with me for all the above purposes. I also give a sponge bath to my baby with wet wipes, by just holding it in my palm and wiping sweaty areas. I didn’t know it tamed frizzy hair too. I should try it.


  5. Baby wipes are so gentle and effective in cleaning that even I sometimes use them to clean up things like my handbag and water bottle when on the go besides their conventional use !


  6. This is a great post and you had shared some wonderful ways to use wet wipes. everteen is a good brand and I had used and reviewed their products in past, will check out this wipes too, thanks for sharing dear.


  7. I’m guilty of using baby wipes for countless things, like you mentioned. One reason also being that they smell so sweet! Intimate wipes are a must have for hygiene. Everteen products are good!


  8. I didn’t know about the so many uses of baby wipes. This post is very useful for me. Everteen brand is good, I have used some products of this brand.


  9. Really didn’t ever realize so many uses of baby wipes. Thanks for stating it down. Definitely going to follow all uses you have mentioned.


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