Doable and Easy Hair Removal Options at Home or When Traveling

Doable and Easy Waxing and Hair Removal Ideas at Home

Are you stressed about hair removal at home? Here are some best travel-friendly hair removal strategies that can now be applied at home!

Dear Body Hair,

If I had you removed for the 1000th time, please get the hint! Look forward to never EVER getting back together.

Sincerely Me

Let’s admit it, we hate how prickly our legs feel, all the more with lockdown. Our body hair is NOT meant to keep us warm so why let them thrive!

Ready to feel beautiful again? Read this!

Doable, Easy and Effective Ways to Reduce Body Hair Growth

These ain’t from a book but from my own experiences! Try if you care, doesn’t hurt for sure

  • Time it right: I have noticed a huge reduction in hair growth if I plan the body hair removal 1 or 2 days before start of periods. It seems to slow down the growth spurt, pushing the next session by 7-10 days. Damn, does that really work! Easy one, try it next time!
  • Climate matters: Yes, certainly. Haven’t you noticed barely any growth when traveling to Europe of Canada? There seems to be less body hair growth in colder places, so next time you are packing your beanie’s and long coats, you can rest easy on packing that hair removal kit.
  • No leg show: Well, sad but true. Long and covered clothes seem to slow down the hair growth somehow on legs, atleast in my experience.   That may mean saying good bye to hot pants for everyday use though! But if you do, then do write back if you see a difference.
  • DIY hacks: Lemon and sugar paste is really good for skin lightening and inexpensive, available everywhere. Even after a beach day.
  • Dear Stress, let’s take a break: Stress brings out the worst, in this case quite literally! Especially facial hair. Have you wondered why there is sort of less body hair growth when on vacay! Happiness is a hormone, recall that! Do I see you nodding already!

Now time to learn how to fix that hair growth, and ace the wax and hair removal at home or on the go.

Personal Waxing Kit Essentials for Hair Removal at Home or When Traveling

These are my go to, not to mention that they are super affordable, long lasting and effective.

VEET hair removal waxing strip kit : Ready to use wax strips

This one is God’s sent! It removes the shortest hair, and pains less than the salon. Can you believe that. The 20 strips are enough to last one complete body session. This kit also has cleansing wipes that take off all the traces of remnant wax from your skin.

This one also doubles up as an eyebrow grooming strip, by cutting it into really thin strips. Be extra careful though and take help from someone else to mark out the precisions.

Price: Rs 199

EVERTEEN Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line & Underarms

This is perfect DIY hair removal cream for sensitive areas like bikini line & underarms as it is formulated with 100% natural chamomile extract. It’s super quick, 5-minute removal and leaves a gentle after aroma. Make sure to apply sufficient quantity and be careful to avoid contact with your intimates. The kit comes with coin sized towel that open up into full size and effectively wipe away the crème leaving the skin feeling baby soft and smooth.

Price: Rs 149

Do’s & Don’t’s of Waxing and Hair Removal at Home or When Traveling

  • Avoid exfoliation for 24 hours before your wax.
  • Avoid using a moisturizer for 12 hours before your wax.
  • Apply the wax strips in the direction of the growth pattern and smoothen it by patting. Then pull the strip opposite of the growth pattern. This will avoid bruising.
  • Always take time to read the instructions before you begin.

Loved this post on Easy Hair removal Options at Home or When Traveling

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What do you think is the best at home waxing or hair removal product? Share your favourites below!


  1. “time is right” point was bang on. I never paid attention towards this. Coming to the option-I have used Veet and I liked it. We don’t get Everteen, here but lately I read a lot about this brand.


      1. Pandemic has got Hair removal from salon to home. I’ve been using Veet cream and think it’s great at it but as they promise now growth till atleast 10 to 15 days is not true I feel. It starts in less den a week.


  2. I have not used waxing at such till now and really feel it’s a personal choice but great options you have shared, it’s great for maintaining personal hygiene.


  3. I had used veet hair removal cream and had a good experience with it but never tried veet wax strips, somehow I am not comfortable with it. Really like the post. You had share useful tips and precaution. Will keep all these things in mind.


  4. I am really afraid of waxing my body . Earlier I had but it was very much painful for me each time . I do shave or trim . I also use Everteen hair removal cream.


  5. I had no idea that timing plays a role here, I will try this trick next time for sure. I have used Veet cream for hair removal once or twice years ago. But during the lockdown I came to know about the Veet wax strips, just love them. Now, I am not sure if I would ever go back to the salon. I am going to try Everteen too.


  6. Thankfully my hair growth is slow and I don’t need to wax regularly. Hair removal creams and Veet have been a saviour for my friends who couldn’t visit a salon of late.


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