How to BOOST IMMUNITY in Indian kids

How to BOOST IMMUNITY in Indian kids

As a mother of two small kids, I often wish I had a magic wand to cast “no sick days” spell on my precious little ones.  Some days, I feel my kids seem to attract every bug that crosses their path resulting in recurrent runny noses, colds & cough.

We do maintain good hygiene, but there are some more important things that I can do to increase my child’s immune system’s ability to fend off illnesses. Let’s talk about all the measures we can take that can actually build up their defences and boost their immunity.

How can one build immunity in Indian kids?

We, as a family are a big fan of clean eating, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, dals that are naturally enriched with most of the essential nutrients for building immunity. Wholesome meals are most important in my house.

Certain vitamins work on grass root levels to build immunity. Some of those immunity building vitamins that help the children are:

  • Vitamin A helps to keep the skin and tissue in good shape, such as lining of the mouth, intestine, stomach & respiratory system. Vitamin A can be found in fish, eggs, carrots, etc.
  • Vitamin C & E are strong antioxidants that protect the cells from free radical damage especially the cell membranes of the immune cells. Citrus fruits like orange and kiwi are the best sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin E can be found in nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds.
  • Vitamin D helps to keep the immune cells active. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight but fatty fish like tuna and salmon are also rich in the vitamin.
  • Zinc is needed for wound healing and production of new immune system cells. Whole grains and milk products are good sources of zinc.
  • Other nutrients like Selenium, iron, foliate arealso very important to building a strong immune system.

While our wholesome, home cooked meals help in giving right nutrition to kids,   adding some dietary supplements, such as PediaSure in my child’s daily routine, has been helpful to us in closing the gaps that remain. 

So, does PediaSure really work?

I love PediaSure for my kids as all these nutrients mentioned above are enriched in 5 scoops,which I add to two cups of smoothie or milk, daily for each of my children.Chocolate and vanilla flavours are their favourites.

PediaSure is formulated with 37 nutrients and as I have observed it does help in the visible growth of children.

As a mother, my first and foremost goal is to fulfil all my children’s nutritional needs and build a strong defence against cough, cold, flu and other respiratory infections. And PediaSure contains immunity building nutrients that can support immunity in growing kids. So, keep calm, order your favourite flavour today and support your kid’s immune system, just like I have done.  #StaySureWithPediaSure 

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  1. All my days go in worrying about my kids health and immunity. This is more important in times like these. I only think these drinks should be enough sugar in it do they can also be used to make dessert too


  2. I have been using Pediasure for Ayaannsh since he was 2 years and my pediatrician had recommended it. Till now, I feel that this has been the best nutritional drink I have ever tried for my son. With Pediasure I am rest assured that his tummy is full for an hour or so and his nutritional needs and immunity is taken care too.


  3. Immunity is so important and that is what we have learned in this pandemic. We at home have Zinc, Vit D and Vit C and these are the supplements that we take regularly. I should try out the others too.


  4. Boosting immunity is such an important thing considering that Corona affects your immunity the most. Personally my kids love fruits rich in Vitamins C and D. They have also started taking tablets to increase their immunity.


  5. No matter how much we try to eat nutritious food but still we are not able to fill the gaps where we can be 100% sure about the immunity part. Its good that pedicure is filling that gap.


  6. I had used pediasure for my both girls. And had a great experience with it. Indeed it is a great brand to boost immunity and fulfilling nutritional requirements of our kids.


  7. Boosting immunity in kid’s is important. Yes, pediasure works for my kid . I have experience visible difference in my son after having pediasure .


  8. Looking at the current situation, I really feel it’s important to ensure that we take utmost care of our children’s nutrition. Have heard a lot about pediasure. Products like these make our job so easy.


  9. Looking at the current situation, I really feel it’s important to ensure that we take utmost care of our children’s nutrition. Have heard a lot about pediasure. Products like these make our job so easy.


  10. I completely trust on PediaSure in improving immunity in young children. I remember when my son started going to playschool 2 years back, he would often fall sick, that’s when his pediatrician recommended PediaSure and I noticed a boost in his immunity. He still loves his glass of PediaSure.


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