5 Reasons you should always give Sample tests before the Actual test

5 reasons why doing practice exams works

5 reasons why doing practice exams works| Benefits of taking practice tests

It’s no secret that the cbse curriculum is difficult and requires students to put in considerable effort, determination and hardwork while studying for exams. And if you are a student, you are definitely familiar with the nervousness, pressure and stress of having to prepare for them in a manner that gets you the highest marks. 

For years on end, we have been told of different trips and tricks to score good in exams. But, there are very few ones that, students would say, have actually helped them- sample paper being one of them. 

From the theory exam point of view, the importance of solving sample papers before the actual test is unparalleled. It is a trick that will benefit you in more than one ways.

Helps revise topics

Revision is an activity that most students keep putting off until the last minute, at which point it becomes impossible to revise the entire syllabus together. One of the most important advantages of giving sample paper cbse is that it will allow you to revise topics that you did long ago and are on the verge of forgetting. Writing papers will also give you an idea about frequently asked topics, 

Shows weak areas

Being aware of your weak points and knowledge about the topics that you are not thorough with are things that are as important as revising, if not more. Once you start solving sample question papers, you will find out what mistakes you commonly make while answering questions which will allow you to focus on correcting them before the actual exams arrive. 

Boosts self-confidence

Confidence is something that proves to be an asset not only in the real world and when dealing with practical situations, but also when writing a theory paper. Most times when students are not confident about an answer, they tend to keep changing it which results in a lot of mistakes and strikethroughs. But, having answered sample paper cbse, you will be able to answer with repeatedly revised topics in a self assured manner while making little to no mistakes. 

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Improves speed and time management

Optimal time management during exams is a skill that most students wish they possessed. Solving sample paper cbse will improve your speed, teach you how and on what basis to prioritise questions and how much time should be allotted to each question. This way you will finish your actual paper before time and even have time to recheck your answers. 

Gives a better idea about marking scheme

The mark of a model student is assessing every aspect of an exam before starting preparation and sample/past year’s papers will help you do just that. It will help you understand how the topics are asked in the form of questions and how many marks get allotted to them. Knowing the weightage of each chapter and every topic is a very clever trick that makes studying so much easier. 

Final Thoughts – Why giving sample test is important

If your exams are just around the corner and you’re still stressed about revision, your weaker topics and time management skills, get your hands on some sample paper cbse from Extramarks and help yourself improve drastically. 

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LOVED Benefits of Taking Practice Tests

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