A Review: Discover your Kid’s aptitude and interests with Real School

Best Online Platform for Kids

We can all agree that the pandemic has shifted the education scene altogether. Amid all these changes, Real School has proven to be a saviour in teaching kids about real-life applications about subjects from the comfort of their home. Real School is a revolutionary online platform that has a unique approach to learning. It has been reviewed as the best online platform for one-to-one mentoring that ensures the Masterclasses are interesting and full of interactions.

Real School provides exposure to kids with the help of short project-driven Masterclasses. These projects help in hands-on learning and build confidence to solve problems in a wide array of domains, such as robotics, public speaking, puzzle solving, creative arts etc.

Real School has a completely different approach to teach kids. The classes are filled with amazing projects and there is no end to the fun activities. It allows students to invest their time in pursuit of knowledge. Due to this, students do not feel restricted to textbooks and are free to express themselves.

Develop Skills with Amazing Projects

Since the lockdown, parents have been extremely worried about how their kids would be learning from virtual lessons. But after enrolling their kids at Real School, parents have kept their worries at bay. Real School has been reviewed as the best curriculum curated online platform for kids. Here are some features of the curriculum:

  • The Real School curriculum can be described as dynamic and state-of-the-art
  • The curriculum focuses on the skills that matter
  • The knowledge that is interesting and relevant is included in the curriculum
  • It believes in hyper-personalised training for their kids
  • The curriculum is well researched and developed by experts as well as parents
  • The curriculum is verified and enjoyed by a lot of parents

How does this extensive curriculum help in the development of children?

The curriculum focuses on 4 major learning areas that help in great development in children. They include:

  1. Cognitive development

In this, skills that allow children to create new ideas and help them to solve problems are enhanced. Other skills like deductive reasoning, perceptual speed, idea fluency, selective attention and cognitive flexibility are also developed.

  1. Social skills

This area focuses on skills such as co-operation, teamwork, and self-expression. They work on skills like persuasion, social perceptiveness, and empathy for others. They also have regular brainstorming sessions.

  1. Execution skills

These skills include goal setting, planning, and execution. They focus majorly on dexterity, prefabbing, system analysis, spatial orientation among the children.

  1. Self-development

Developing a personality is important for children and Real School teaches it right from the beginning. Skills that help in building an empowering character like fighting spirit, tenacity, resilience, perseverance, and entrepreneurship are majorly focused on.

Short Term Courses

The extremely fun and popular feature of Real School is the Bootcamp. Real School has four tailor-made bootcamps for children that are designed to focus on niche skill development. They have been reviewed as highly interactive and innovative. For parents who are willing to change their kids’ thought-process and approach, Real School bootcamps would be a great place to begin.

Here are the bootcamps:

  1. Applied Robotics Boot camp

This 6-8 month program takes the students on a complete journey through the anatomy of a Robot. The program teaches the students the basics of motors, to sensors to the logic board. The program also includes the programming and the user interface along with the applications of the bots. 

  1. Programming and Development Bootcamp

It is a 6-8 month program where students are entirely immersed in coding right from the beginning. They are taught the ABC’s of coding and how every programmed device works. Students then write and design their very own app or game which is ready for PlayStore.

  1. Design and Innovation Bootcamp

This program takes the students on an exciting journey starting with the core concept of Design Thinking. Students then work on real-life problems and gradually make a factory-grade prototype with the help of 3D technology.

  1. Communication Bootcamp

This boot-camp is reviewed as a transformative program that helps students to overcome nervousness and gain confidence. This program helps students become the best version of themselves. This exciting boot-camp allows students to explore the core concepts of creative thinking, self-expression, persuasive communication and storytelling to solve real-life situations.

Real School is the Best for Kids

One-to-one mentorship

Personal mentoring is a great feature of Real School. The mentors take the necessary steps to push the children to undergo high engagement discussions to stimulate their higher-order thinking. The mentors are trained and well-equipped to inspire students to think harder, deeper and break their creative boundaries. It is exciting for students to interact with a person who has all the solutions to the silliest of questions and who acts as a friend and a guide.

Hyper personalisation of content

The most popular feature of Real School is its project-based curriculum. This ensures that students have hands-on experience with projects as they are exposed to a variety of projects like product design, innovation, storytelling, and more. This leads to their transformation into creators, thinkers, and problem solvers. Parents have vouched for this feature in their reviews.

Focus on skills of the future

Real School is here to inculcate all the future relevant skills into your kids. They will be learning skills like critical thinking, and problem-solving. They would be trained to have a design-thinking mindset to various things in life.

No constraint of time and location

Real School allows students to learn according to their own pace and at their place. Students can enjoy the programs from the comfort of their homes and at a time that is suitable for them. This highly contributes to an environment to activate brain cells.

Multi-disciplinary approach

The multi-disciplinary approach is the best as reviewed by some parents. It helps the students to gain knowledge from multiple domains with high contextual relevance. The exposure provided is needed to drive the students towards their goals.

Daily Masterclasses

Real School conducts daily Masterclasses on various subjects like performing arts, pattern recognition, mental ability, debates, leadership, scientific attitude, programming, and development among others. Parents can choose the ones they are interested in at an affordable rate of Rs. 199 per masterclass. Real School also boasts regular offers wherein parents can get the same masterclasses at just Rs. 99. Check out the entire schedule of the masterclasses and book here.

Talking about the Masterclass, Yash Sharma reviewed, “My child is constantly guided by experts and they are driven to constantly spread knowledge and enhance the students’ skills. Real School has cracked the formula for preparing the best course for kids that guarantees to develop creativity and staying productive. The workshops or masterclasses are indeed a great boon as I can pick the subjects that I’m interested in teaching my kid without any long-term commitment and that too at an inexpensive price.”    


Real School is a fun learning online platform for students that offer them infinite opportunities. They believe in providing their students with the best facilities. Prominent features like online video workshops, personalized training, and multi-faceted exposure, the discovery of a talent and the increase of social networking help students to have an overall development. Real School is indeed a great place for children to learn while having fun.

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