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Code Gurukul Review

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What is Code Gurukul

Founded by Meenakshi who is ex IBM & Rekha who is ex Infosys, Code Gurukul is a computer school with a vision is to enable kids to enjoy technology as a second language. Code Gurukul is recognized by Microsoft under their inception program for start-ups.

Why choose Code Gurukul?

Are you interested in logic & creativity development through coding? Here are 5 reasons why you may want to choose Code Gurukul, if you are looking out for a good coding class for your kid.

1-1 live sessions

Code Gurukul offers 1-1 coding classes. With 1 teacher, 1 student, the learning is as per child’s grasping capability and age.

Group sessions

They have group classes as well, with small batch size of 4-6 kids. A group class makes the session, fun, engaging and keeps it competitive.

Experienced teachers

Code Gurukul has closely knit team of experienced tutors comprising software engineers, UI design experts etc. So, the quality of learning is ensured.

Present in India & Abroad

In short span of 2 year, they have trained 800-1000 kids cross India, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and parts of Europe.


Their courses are well priced. Check the Code Gurukul course fee here.
Note: Incase a kid requires extra turns to grasp the concept, extra sessions are facilitated without additional cost.

Courses for all ages

No coding pre-requisite is required for enrolling to their courses. The teachers adapt course material as per the understanding level of the kid.

Which Courses are offered at Code Gurukul?

Code Gurukul offers coding classes for kids of all ages.

Beginner level: upto 9 years
Intermediate level: 9-12 years
Advanced levels: 13-16 years

In each course level, age appropriate coding is covered across
 Block coding
 Game development
 Web Development
 Artificial Intelligence
 UI
 Python (adv level)

You can start with their 8 session module to get a good introduction into the basics of coding. And then opt for module 2 & 3 which are longer 6 month or year-long programmes where your kid will learn about advanced programming concepts. Your kid will also receive course certification. YAY!!

Reasons why 1-1 Online classes are better suited for learning coding?

 Focused & complete attention is on the child.
 There are NO missed turns, as you schedule the class as per your convenience.

 Online tutoring helps continuity over long term learning even incase of re-location or
 Online classes are surely more cost effective.

Can your kid learn coding for free at Code Gurukul?

Code Gurukul gives a free demo class for each course. After the demo class, they will address any concerns that you may have about the coding class. If you are not happy with the demo, you can even opt for demo class for another course that interests your child. You then pay and enroll for the course once you are happy with the curriculum.

Which coding course to choose for your kid?

If you ask me, most parents are confused whether they should enroll for Artificial Intelligence or App development. So, how do you decide which coding course will suit your kid most? At Code Gurukul, skilled teachers analyze your kids’s understanding, likings and requirements and accordingly help you select the right coding course.

What is the best age to start coding for kids?

Kids can start learning coding as different ages, as per their interest level. However, grade 2 or 3 is a good enough time to start in my opinion.

Contact no of Code Gurukul

You can call at +91 9511841742 , +91 7506262683, +971 50 217 0872 or email them at support@code-gurukul.com. They are based in Pune. Click here for Code gurukul login page .

Code Gurukul – Pros & Cons

Close synergy between teachers & founders.
Personalized feedback, very approachable.
Good curriculum, also validated by international parents.

They do not have programming language Java yet.

Found Code Gurukul Review Useful

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  1. Coding is becoming the second language these days. And kids are lucky to have resources like Code Gurukul. I would be looking out for this if in future they start for USA people. But as of now, will let my BIL know who is in UK.


  2. I did not heard about code gurukul platform, before. it seems it has promising classes for teaching coding to kids. will check their website to explore more from my side.


  3. Coding requires basic understanding of how things work in general , so any age above 10 is okay. Code Gurukul one to one session is a good way to actually make child understand the concepts.


  4. Nowadays, coding is something every kid has to know and it’s excellent that Code Gurukul has a setup for giving 1 on 1 coaching.


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