Japan beyond Tokyo and Kyoto – 5 Signature Experiences

Going to Japan? Want to see beyond big cities Tokyo and Kyoto? Have you checked out my previous post Ultra Instagrammable Spots in Japanese Countryside. Add these signature experiences, if you have a few more days in Japan.

Fuji Five lakes, Kawaguchiko

Japan beyond Tokyo and Kyoto – 5 signature experiences

Mt Fuji is surrounded by 5 beautiful lakes, take a day trip to Kawaguchiko,  Mt Fuji nearest and most accessible neighbor . It offers undoubtedly the best views of Mount Fuji in Japan—reflected across a lake or a field of lavender. The neighborhood is blessed with stunning autumn leaves, cherry blossoms during season and flower festivals.

Asahiyama Zoo


Installed with a number of unique enclosures and observation points that allow you to get up close and personal with some of the zoo’s most impressive inhabitants, this zoo is a must-see when in this part of Japan. Underground glass domes, underwater tunnels and tubes allow you to watch seals and penguins skimming elegantly through water, inches from your nose. This is the northmost and coldest zoo in Japan and houses an impressive number of penguins, which you can watch from an arm’s distance. The zoo makes a great stop-off if you are travelling to the Furano/Biei


Daisetsuzan National Park


Take a hike in the Daisetsuzan National Park for unspoiled picturesque wilderness, dominated by a chain of numerous 2000 meter tall volcanic mountains, making it a paradise for hikers, nature lovers and families. The park is also home to Japanese brown bears, so stay on the path and follow the instructions. Once you reach the tourist office, you can take the ropeway ride to the peak.  Hokkaido has a total of six national parks, Daisetsuzan National Park is the largest.


Murodo Plateau


If Japan had a list of it’s most magnificent seven natural wonders, Murodo plateau could well top that list. In mid-April when road is plowed and accessible, the average height of the snow walls is 16.5 meters, higher than a five-story building. Judging by the number of visitors taking photographs next to a sign pointing out the highest part of the wall, it could be the most photographed snow in Japan, other than that on Mt. Fuji’s Peak.


Mikurigaike Onsen


Once you have caught your breath, take the trail to the Mikurigaike Onsen. You will cross the most stunningly pond on earth occupying an ancient volcanic crater. During summer months, when sun had melted the iced surface of this pond, azure blue water perfectly contrast against the scintillating whiteness. There is a smoky active volcano here  which is the source of hot water in the Onsen. Day visitors are can pay and use the Onsen.



Trivia: Did you know that the most visited amusement park in teh WORLD is Tokyo Disneyland. More than 13 million poeple visit every year!!

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