An Easy Hack To Keep Your Kitchen Trash From Smelling Ever Again

Smelly overflowing kitchen bins are always an embarrassment, not to mention – the constant cause for trouble with the housemaid! Every time I lift the lid, I get knocked back. Its awful braving through semi-spilled garbage, collecting them together and rushing through to the exit door. I’d count myself lucky if I can make it in one breath, and a few drops always leave a trail enroute!


The terrible odour is not just annoyance but also attracts a host of pests, fungus and flies.


Odour eliminators have limited efficacy and most terrible days are those when the garbage collection team doesn’t turn up at the doorsteps. This means leaving the garbage bag outside, either in the shaft area or common area or worst walking over to the dumping corner on the street.


Which is why I LOVE the concept of InSinkErator, a smart kitchen appliance from the house of Emerson which automatically disperses all kitchen food waste directly from the sink hole.



InSinkErator is a smart device, which is attached to the kitchen sink-hole on one side and waste outlet pipes on the other. All one needs to do is put the food waste in the sink-hole instead of the dustbin, run tap water, and start the InSinkErator with the push of a button. The food waste is pushed inside the main chamber where the lugs and grinding plates turn food waste into a sludge-like substance which is then easily flushed down the drain into the main sewerage system, ensuring there is no clogging.


Once the food waste is out of sight, it is out of kitchen too!



So what are the BENEFITS ?

There are countless disposer benefits for an individual, including convenient lifestyle and conscious living.


Convenience: Completely eliminates the need to collect, store or dispose food waste manually.

No foul odour: Disposing food waste directly into the InSinkErator eliminates the stage of food rotting, and hence bad odour.


Reduced burden on Landfills: The biodegradable kitchen food waste doesnot burden already overflowing landfills. The sludge is instead poured into city wide drainage network where it transports the food waste to central processing centres which is then monetized as fertilizer, biogas or electricity.


Eco friendly: With use of in-sink disperser, there is ZERO cost of transportation, fuel consumption, reduced air and land pollution, roadside spillage.


Household Cost Reduction: The disposer saves money on pest control, door to door waste collection, garbage bags, dustbins, manual labour, disinfectants and cleaners.





A common household appliance in most developed countries like USA, New Zealand & China, the InSinkErator India is a newage kitchen appliance which can be easily adopted in any Indian household without much hassle or load on the monthly expense.

  • No additional plumbing: The InSinkErator is really compact and plugs into the existing kitchen sink easily.
  • Minimal electricity consumption: The annual electricity consumption of a food disposer from InSinkErator is about Rs 50 annually! It also works well on power backups.
  • Minimal water requirement: The water requirement while using InSinErator is about 5 litres daily!
  • Terms of service: Incase of a failure, all models of the InSinkErator come with complete replacement with a brand-new piece, during the warranty period which can extend upto 6 years depending on the model.

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How to clean the cleaner?

The InSinkErator doesnot require a drain cleaner or bleach to clean itself fresh. Toss a lemon down the drain hole and on the InSinkErator for a few seconds, it will self-clean and eliminate all odours. Or a few cubes of ice will knock off bits of food caught up inside the disposer.


Dos & Don’t’s

The disposer is designed to cope with most types of food waste like

  • small bones, meat & fish
  • fruits & vegetable peels
  • eggshells
  • nuts etc

The disposer CANNOT handle

  • Wooden match sticks, cigarettes, rubber bands, plastic wrap or glass pieces
  • Oil or fat poured directly as it can solidify in the sewage pipeline – similar effect as pouring in a kitchen sink.


Trivia: It helps that the InSinkErator is a business unit of Emerson’s – the makers of smart appliances for Apollo moon mission!


Emerson is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of food waste disposers for home and commercial use. For over 80 years, the InSinkErator brand has been solving the issue of food waste disposal in more than 80 countries. In India, the InSinkErator sales and services are available in over 20 cities.


Price range: INR. 18,990 to INR 67,790. Click here to request a free product demo at your doorsteps.



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  1. We had this when we were in US. Glad its available now in our country too. Its a very effective way to dispose food scrapes. And the fact that this will reduce the waste that goes into the landfills is an added advantage. Very well explained article . Will surely check this unit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so good to know about your first hand experience. Thanks for sharing Milan. In a mega city like Mumbai, where garbage truck travels almost 50km to carry garbage to dump site, this could make a huge impact on reducing emissions.


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