Walking the Dubrovnik City Walls – Don’t miss these Romantic spots

It’s ONLY about the views and details you notice on the way when walking atop the ‘City Walls’ in the Medieval town of Dubrovnik. You should not shy away from allowing yourself to feel a sense of privilege . There are over a dozen ultra Instagrammable super romatic spots here alone.



Definitely the most remarkable sight in Dubrovnik, the City Walls once protected the civilised, sophisticated republic for centuries. These 2km long contiguous, imposing circular walls, so to say, completely packages the medieval Old Town, with a total of 3 enterance gates.




Dubrovnik City Walls best views

It takes about 2-3 hours to walk all the way round on the City Walls. There are cafes, ice-cream shops & fresh juice joints, all offering a table with a view.


There are countless interesting, vantage points  or unique photo opportunities enroute. We made the most of it while enjoying a leisurely stroll, stopping to get that coffee fix or fresh juices.




Ploce Gate Bridge & around


The ornate 14th century Ploce gate on the eastern side is one of the three entrances into the Old Town Dubrovnik. The gate has an outer section which is the Revelin Fortress – a lookout point for town’s eastern approach, an inner section leading upto the main Stradun and a connecting stone-bridge running over a moat.


The place has been a favourite location for many filmmakers including those of Star Wars and the latest HBO series – Games of Thrones. Lesser mortals like me actually sit by the gate, eat some almond pastries and enjoy the views.

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Old Town Port Jetty 


Find a perfect island trip you are seeking, hop on the boat to stimulate your senses, and come back with infinite memories. Enjoy the panorama of islands all the way while cruising, just by the seashore! The cruise takes you to hidden caves, small bays & sandy beaches. Not in a mood for the sea, worry not. Grab an ice-cream and head to the jetty. The Old Town  port jetty itself offers a perfect spot for capturing beautiful pictures against with the City Walls as a luxurious backdrop.


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TRIVIA: You must tour the Old Town before getting onto the walls so as to easily identify all the monuments.


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