7 Best Instagram Photo Spots In Dubrovnik | The Best Places To Take Photos

Quick guide to MUST visit Dubrovnik photo spots in Old town!

You will find it hard to stop ogling at the captivating views of distinctive red terracotta rooftops, its sublime surrounding and the Adriatic sea that shimmers with the intoxicating shade of blue.  There are infinite unforgettable views, turn any way you like In Dubrovnik, here are my top 7 favourite, ultra instagrammable spots in this beautiful city.


The Best Photo Spots in Dubrovnik, Croatia

1. Banje beach


The many shades of turquoise at the Banje beach makes the beauty of Old Town and City Walls appear larger and wider. Chances are, it was probably this very post-card picture that got you you book your Croatian holiday!


This white pebbly beach looks even more impressive from a height, say when walking alongside the main road leading to the Ploce Gate. You can rent lounge chairs, parasols or just fling a towel on the beach for your perfect shots.



2. Banje beach Restaurant


Stop here for some finger licking risotto, fresh garlic prawns or delicious pizzas, what a perfect place to dine by the bay or party past sunset. Expect elegant décor, Mediterranean ambience and sophisticated dining experience. This is also the only restaurant that’s on the beach, which means you get unrestricted views of the Adriatic while dining & exclusive access to the beach chairs.


3. Kayaking tours


Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Dubrovnik is to book a Kayak tour (yes you read that right, there is a kayak tour) and paddle all around with your coach who also doubles up as a tour guide.  On our paddling tour, there were numerous spots to rest, catch a breath while taking ultra-amazing photos of Dubrovnik or the beautiful sunset over the Adriatic.


4. Lovrijenac Fort


The view while climbing your way to this fortress is magical. A steep stairway will take you up the 37m high cliff, offering many enchanting views along the way. Detached from the city walls and old town, but within a 3 minute walk, Lovijenac is a free-standing fortress built to guard the city from sea invasion. Once you are at the summit, spend some time taking in the spectacular bird’s eye view of this medieval city, its terracotta-terraced skyline and sparkling blue waters.

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5. Lokrum Island


The beautiful promenades and mystical stories of Lokrum will leave you wanting to spend an entire day on the island. At 15 mins boat ride from the Old Town port, this lush green island is loaded with stunning spots for swimming, sightseeing, walking, petting a peacocks or just getting lazy.


If your idea of a holiday is to read  a book laying on a picnic mat under a tree, which is blooming with flowers + atop a small cliff perfect for cliff jumpers + boasts of an excellent view + faces a sea which has crystal clear see-through waters + ZERO crowds, you have just discover ONE such rare spot right now! This place is a dream.



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6. King’s Landing – Game of Thrones


Don’t miss your chance to pose in the Iron Throne – rule the King’s Landing for one day! This one spot deserves a queue worth waiting for. A must-Instagram place on the island whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not. The exhibit also displays scenes took place here alongside many audio segments which can be heard over vintage earphones clung to the walls.


7. Staircase/Walkway to apartments

No matter where you roam in Old Dubrovnik, the sense of awe and beauty when you set your eyes on marble streets, baroque monuments or distinctive terracotta terraces never fades. Once you have had your fill of popular touristy spots, take a walk in the immediate neighbourhood. Most of the popular apartments or hostels are nestled inside heritage building around here, that can be reached only by a plight of old styles stairways.  (Yes, be prepared to carry your luggage, kids and strollers.) A friendly local tells me, there are atleast 100 steps each way, whether you want to head to the outer ring road or inner streets. BUT but you also get to capture some of the best views along the way as you go up or down the elevation.


Kayaking Tours are also one of the unique ways to spend your holiday in Dubrovnik.

Photography Tips Dubrovnik Photos

If you love taking pics, who doesn’t frankly, take a few minutes to plan your perfect photo spots in Dubrovnik. Here are a few tips

  • The Old walls get pretty hot by noon, plan to start early
  • Take as many pictures as you can at the beginning, if you are starting early morning. 
  • Noon time, when everyone is out for lunch is another good time to capture some amazing shots of the heritage area. 
  • Carry a tripod or selfie stick so that YOU can be in those pictures too!


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