What to Sightsee with KIDS in Tokyo

Things to do in Tokyo with kids.

Where can I take my kids in Tokyo, Japan. Read before you go!

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We were pleasantly surprised to find Japan to be such an amazing family-friendly travel destination. And that Japan is hands down the safest country we have travelled to so far, primary schoolers walk back to their homes all by themselves and notably, locals here wear marks at the slightest hint of sneeze. This was still 2017, when the world was unaware of the COVID19 species.

“Japan has unveiled a plan to help pay for half of your trip.” – TravelStroke

While there are atleast two dozen things to do in Tokyo, here are our 3 kid friendly places and activities you MUST do while in Tokyo with kids on your next visit.  Of all the places, we found these experiences to be a little bit safer, a bit more hygienic and a lot grander than any other we have seen so far across the globe.

Things to do in Tokyo with Kids – Tokyo itinerary for kids

Wondering what to sightsee with KIDS in Tokyo, read this before you go!



What to Sightsee with KIDS in Tokyo 2

 Love for Disney cuts through all age groups. You just cannot miss this, whether travelling solo, with partner, kids or parents. The Splash Fountain, despite a rather longish wait time, remains my most cherished feat at this Disney. As one would expect, this Disney has the best queue and wait-time management strategies in place. If you have stood painfully long hours at various attractions, in other Disney’s, you would understand what I mean. Start your day early to beat the crows. Also, be mindful not to touch any food, even packaged ones, unless you are planning to buy it. The Japanese are rather particular about personal hygiene, especially by means of touch. It would be fun to wear matching matching clothes with your kids/partner, twinning dresses are quite at this Disney.

Duration: Full day

Things to do in Tokyo with kids.

#2 Tokyo ZOO

Tokyo has not one but 3 zoological parks plus a 2,200 ton aquarium park. Would you believe that! Ueno Zoo is possibly the most impressive. Established in 1882, this one is the oldest zoo in Japan and the Panda and Polar Bear enclosure are most popular here. Ueno Zoo is quite possibly the only zoo that offers visitors a chance to sample the same foods that animals eat. The “Momoko Healthy Lunch” is an exact copy of the fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes fed to the zoo’s lowland gorillas, albeit in human-sized portions.

Go to the massive 129 acres Tama Zoo to see animals housed in their natural. The Inokashira Park Zoo focuses on conservation and breeding of Japanese squirrels, mandarin ducks, and swans. And it is true that the Tokyo Sea life Park (aquarium) houses marine life even from the Antarctic.

Duration: 2-3 hours

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#1 RAILWAY Museum

The Railway Museum in Tokyo is a great experience for the young and not so young! On exhibits are pre-used train carriages, engines and interesting simulators. This is an excellent place to understand how the railway technology has evolved over time. All simulators are free and don’t require an additional fee, however the wait time could be longish.

what to do in tokyo as a family

The museum’s big collection of formerly used train cars includes historic steam and diesel locomotives, and early series shinkansen (bullet train), passenger and freight cars. Most of them can be viewed from inside and interestingly from under the elevated tracks on which the giant locomotive is exhibited. This Museum is definitely the Holy Grail for train buffs.

Duration: half day

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  1. My friends who have visited Japan mention the same that its a very friendly place to visit. Your pics are really beautiful, will save this post for reference.


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