How my Travel & Tote bag will upgrade post COVID

Easy hacks to equip your bag for instant santization & covid protection

Creating a safe and sanitized spot wherever we go will become the new normal and so will my handbag and tote be equipped to be totally self-reliant. COVID is nowhere to go soon and in my series of 3 posts I am going to explain 3 ways in which my travel bag will evolve for the better or worse.

Starting with the most pertinent & unavoidable in this trilogy.

One of the most harrowing tasks when I am on the go, is to find a clean public washroom, especially for ladies. Whether I am at a mall, airport, railway station, bus stand, office, college, hotel or other public place, unhygienic toilets are a huge put-off. With the added risk pertaining to skin contact, in the current scenario, it is time to bring in some change to my nature call ritual. It is time to start the upgrade to a good toilet seat sanitizer, one that comes in the form of compact spray.


Just like the hand santitizer, the toilet seat sanitizer helps by instantly disinfecting the entire toilet seat, flush lever when sprayed from about 10 inches away. All that it takes is about 5 seconds. As a side benefit, the spray also eliminates the risk of UTI and usually also leaves behind a trail of fragrance making.


I personally  love the Everteen® Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray For Women as it is quite compact, handy and lightweight. It easily fits into my handbag or purse as I want to be carrying one at all times while stepping out. With its pleasant aroma and powerful ingredients, I can rest assured that the toilet seat will be squeaky clean and free from germs. This one is also  dermatologically formulated and the sanitizer evaporates almost immediately so I am ready to use the toilet in just a few more seconds. I don’t even need to wipe it before using the sanitized toilet.

Toilet Seat Sanitizer
Toilet Seat Sanitizer

I am adding an instant toilet seat sanitiser to my tote & travel kit each so that I ALWAYS have one handy, whenever I need.

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Shake the toilet seat sanitizer spray can. Hold it upright & spray affected area at elbow-length distance (10 inches). Wait for about 5 seconds for sanitizing before using toilet seat. Avoid contact with skin.


Keep away from sources of ignition.

Is your handbag geared up for stepping out once the lockdown ends? Have you taken any measures to safeguard against the risk of infections while using a public toilet or restroom? I would love to learn about your hacks.

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  1. I love travelling it is my passion. Your article is so informative and useful for every traveller around the world. After this horrific pandemic COVID 19 we should be more care full.


  2. Very nice and informative article. I hope this article will help every traveller wo want to explore but at the same don’t want to be affected by this horrific pandemic COVID 19.


  3. Taking sanitization seriously will be everybody’s first priority after COVID. We are going to be extra careful from now on. While traveling, clean toilet seat is one such thing that can be a concern. But with this product, that problem is also solved.


  4. It is the need of the hour. If you want to live healthier and a long life then embrace sanitization as dearly as possible. Self discipline is the best discipline.


  5. I don’t know when are we really going to travel again.this pandemic has scared me for public gathering and all. I have used a similar product, and it’s a blessing. We use it at j
    Home too.


  6. I don’t know when are we really going to travel again.this pandemic has scared me for public gathering and all. I have used a similar product, and it’s a blessing. We use it at
    Home too.


  7. Yeah I have also a few more things added to my handbag. Hand sanitizer, toilet seat sanitizer and face mist. Never used any of these before.


  8. This is one good that has come out of the Corona pandemic – we have become more concerned bout health and hygiene specially in public places , This checklist was quite time saving.


  9. Yes It is mandatory to sanitize toilet seats before use specially with recent situation. thanks a lot for sharing about everteen brand addition, will check this out for sure.


  10. A toilet spray is very important while travelling since one can never be too sure of cleanliness maintained in bathrooms. Sanitiser goes without saying.


  11. Wow! This product is revolutionary. We must take care of hygiene more seriously. A public toilet is the biggest concern, this product can solve the purpose easily.


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