10 Abu Dhabi Attractions You Cannot Miss

Are you planning to escape to the Sea, Sand and Scenic sunsets in UAE’s capital city for a relaxing holiday ? Here are 10 Abu Dhabi attractions you cannot miss. 

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

10 Abu Dhabi Attractions by AnUrbanNomadic

One of the biggest mosques in the world, topped with 82 domes of varying size, its best viewed under the moon lit sky. Some of the chandeliers inside this mosque weigh as much as 9 elephants!! There is an excellent free guided tour which starts at 5pm sharp. BE on time.


Corniche Beach

10 Abu Dhabi Attractions by AnUrbanNomadic

You will be greeted to perfect turquoise waters, gentle waves and powdery soft sand here. There are plenty of sunbeds available on rent. Corniche beach is replete with cycling paths, fountains and children’s park.


Ferrari world

10 Abu Dhabi Attractions by AnUrbanNomadic

It doesn’t matter whether you love cars or not. You will just go bonkers here and so will your kids. Once you have gawked at the sassiest cars, be ready to test drive them, tour their factory, experience their super speed and go carting. They have one of the craziest roller coaster in the world, an ice skating rink and plenty of adventure rides.

Desert safari


A must-try experience when going to this part of the world. Our tour started at 4pm and it was a heart pumping experience at breaking speeds. I must say our driver was very skilled and kept the car speed appropriate to our comfort levels making dune bashing super super fun.  It’s also a great opportunity to experience the breathtaking desert sunset.


Desert camp


10 Abu Dhabi Attractions by AnUrbanNomadic


After about an hour of dune bashing, we reached the camp. Here we tried sand boarding for the first time and surprisingly it was a lot of fun. Then there was the camel ride, belly dancing, hand painting with heena , star gazing etc. I found the BBQ dinner quite average though.

Saadiyat beach


Saadiyat beach boasts of pure white sand. It’s a popular destination for yoga sessions and ecofriendly water sports activities like windsurfing and sailing. You may also be lucky to spot some turtles on the beach, which are apparently native to this region.


Louvre Abu Dhabi


Fantastically curated and well thought out, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a must-visit when in UAE. The museum building itself is a masterpiece, a spectacular work of architecture. Each art piece is presented in a unique way here and there is also an excellent Children’s museum.



Emirates palace


Built by the Royal family, this palatial 7 star hotel is spread over one km of landscaped gardens and has 114 domes in total.  There is luxury, there is beauty, there is comfort and there is elegance at this beachfront hotel. Access to the lobbies and exhibitions are free though gardens and private beach are reserved for guests only.


Yas island


A leisure, shopping and entertainment center, Yas island is a destination like no other. Home to the world famous Formula 1 Grand Prix, you can actually experience the tracks through a variety of “track” day packages.  At the massive Yas Waterworld, you will get to experience some of the most unique and futuristic rides, including a 230 m tornado slide.


Heritage Village


If you would love to explore the roots of the region, Heritage village in Abu Dhabi exhibits the Bedouin lifestyle and heritage. The exhibit showcases old Abu Dhabi before the oil boom. There is no entry fee and all guests are welcome. You can plan to make a pit stop here.


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