Israel : 10 Pics That Will Make You Book a Trip This Winters

The land of ancient treasures and religions, Israel tourist attractions are numerous and varied. Here is my list of top 10 places for your first time in Israel.

Spot #1 Jerusalem – Church of Holy Sepulture

Christondom’s most important holy place, the Church of Holy Sepulture can be overwhelming at first. The thought that Jesus was once buried here and you can actually touch HIS tomb can be a very overpowering experience.

Church of Holy Sepulture – Jesus was once buried here 

Spot #2 Jerusalem – Dome of the Rock

Spend some time admiring the ornate walls of the Dome of the Rock, from where Prophet Muhammad  is believed to have ascended to heavens above.

Dome of the Rock – Muslims

Spot #3 Jerusalem – The Western Wall

The focal and most sacrosanct part of Jewish Quarters is the Western Wall. Heavily guarded, the Wall is open to all faiths, though modest dress and head covering is required. It’s a also great opportunity to experience the Bar Mitzvah festivities, here in this quarter. 

Western Wall – Jews Quarters

Spot #4 Jerusalem – Souvenir  shops

Bring back incense souvenirs to make your house smell nice and fresh. There are plenty of souks at the exit of jewsih quarters selling these colcorful incense pebbles.

Souvenir  shops

Spot #5 Jerusalem – Walkways


Climb these narrow stairways, flanked with Souvenir  souks on both sides, to reach the Christian Quarters.

Spot #6 Jerusalem- City fo David

The City of David which is the oldest part of Jerusalem, is 3,000 year old and extremely rich in archaeological finds. The main attraction here is a secret tunnel which takes you to a natural spring situated almost 10 storey below. This water source was used when the city was under attack, in those times. 

Spot #7 Beith She’an National Park

The ancient city of Beith She’an dates back to sixth millennia! Phew! Here you can see an amphitheatre, the adjoining plaza and an elaborate market complex. Make sure to check out a  closeup pictures of the pillars dating back to BC era


Spot #8 Ein Gedi

Situated atop the steep cliff of Masada, this fort dating back to 31 BC offers undoubetdly best and uninturrupted views of the Dea Sea. If you stay here long, you may not want to climb down back home.

 Ein Gedi

Spot #9 Haifa

Bahai temple and gardens, so peaceful and fragrant. They are one of the most distinct and visited tourist attraction in Israel.

Bahai temple


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Spot #10 Tel Aviv

Relatively much recent, this limestone Clock Tower marks a major cultured shift in the urban Tel Aviv. Christians, Jews and Muslims all heed to the ring of the same bell today rather than that of a house of worship.

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