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Planning to go to kondana caves for a short trip this weekend but confused on how to reach? Take some time out and read my blog on how you can reach your short trip destination by bus, car or train, you will also get to know interesting activities that you can enjoy, delicious food you can get on the way and places that you can plan on your next weekend

1st century BC caves | Intricate carvings of Buddhist architecture | Places To Visit Near Mumbai

I enjoy going on short trips during weekends near Mumbai, exploring hidden gems and seeing offbeat places. Today I’m sharing one of my best trips that I did along with my family. We recently went for a trip to Kondana Caves at Karjat which took us 1.5hr to reach there as it is 60km from Mumbai.

These caves date back to the 1st century BC and are decently maintained. There are many things that you can enjoy at Kondana caves. The caves are 33 kilometres aways from Lonavala and about 15 kilometres from Karjat.

How to reach at Kondana Caves

How to reach at Kondana Caves by car

Drive all the way to Karjat and take right from after Shreeram Pul, then continue to Kondana village

How to reach at Kondana Caves by train

17613 Panvel Ned Express is the fastest train to Karjat station, from there you can take auto which will take you to Kondana Village

How to reach at Kondana Caves by bus

First bus from Mumbai to karjat  starts from 6am which takes roughly 2hrs to reach Karjat and per head costs is Rs 500 depending on which bus you take.

How much is entry ticket at Kondana Caves

Please Note there is no entry fee at Kondana Caves, its free.

Things to do at Kondana Caves


There are 3 rivers crossings, each has beautiful view and while trekking there are 3-4 maggi points which serves delicious maggi to energize you. They also stock chai, dry snacks, fresh corn on cob, poha etc. Trek is of medium level so anybody can go including kids. At the start of the trek is a beautiful lake, an idyllic setting to unwind and enjoy amidst nature.


There are 3 waterfalls along the way. Don’t miss the second waterfall, it’s a massive one with cascading falls culminating into one and leading to a stream. At this waterfall, you can swim, enjoy a natural spa at the falling water forms a natural jacuzzi. Yes, its true.

However, the best waterfall is one right at the top, at the Kondana caves. The waterfall here flows from above the caves making a magnificent view.

Tip: Don’t miss to click some pics here, while standing behind the falls.


There are 8+ Buddhist caves at Kondana, trek guide will help you explore all the caves and you will hear many interesting stories. The caves are decently maintained. 3 of these caves can be explored easily without any assistance from guide.

Things to avoid for Konadana Caves trek

Avoid wearing crocs/floats, uncomfortable clothes like saree and do not wear jewellary

Don’t take elderly with you

No smoking or consumption of Alcohol

 Tip: Start your journey by 1pm at Kondana as its less crowded in second half vs going early morning. Please note that cave closes at 6pm

Famous and easily available food to eat at  Konadana Caves trek


Chai, biscuits

Corn on cob

Misal Pav

Other Caves to visit

In Mumbai

1 Mandapeshwar Caves, near Mount Poinsur in Borivali
2 Elephanta Buddhist Cave
3 Kanheri Cave, Sanjay Gandhi National Park
4 Jogeshwari Caves

Near Mumbai

5 Buddha bone relics, Global Pagoda Road, Essel world Amusement Park, Gorai
6 Gandharpale Buddhist Caves – 30 Buddhist caves, 105 km south of Mumbai on Mumbai-Goa
7 Karla Caves, Lonavala

Enjoy your 1 day short trip at Kondana caves and I hope you explore many places on the go. Do write to us in the comment about your experience. There are many trek guides at the entry point of the caves, near the parking lot. They are very friendly and can guide you.

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Kondana Caves Karjat


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