Why was Tokyo Olympics so Important for Djokovic | Djokovic through 2021

Tokyo Olympics Djokovic

Novak Djokovic said ‘history is on the line’ at Tokyo Olympics

Djokovic, fondly known as Djokernole, had a chance to make world history in 2021, but missed it.

2021 was a new year and a new start. Djokovic sailed through the Australian Open with flying colors. Finalist Medvedev had to face a crushing defeat and settle for Worlds rank 2. The French Open was a tough win. It almost felt as if Djokovic would lose the final round. But he bounced back and won against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Did Djokovic win Wimbledon in 2021?

Next came Wimbledon. If he won this time, his record would equal to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Djokovic made a stunning comeback in the second set. Once again, he didn’t fail his fans.

Djokovic in Tokyo Olympics

So why was Tokyo Olympics so important for Djokovic ?

Coincidently, the Tokyo Olympics were being held this year, that is in 2021. If Djokovic won the Tokyo Olympics and the US Open, he would have been the first man to win a Golden Slam.

Djokovic would create history by becoming the first man to achieve a Golden Slam by winning all four major tennis tournaments and an Olympic singles gold medal in the same year.

Who all have won Golden Slam so far?

Golden Slam had only been won once before by Steffi Graff.

What happened at Tokyo Olympics with Novak Djokovic?

Many think Djokovic let his confidence get the better of him, when he didn’t even win a bronze medal.

Djokovic in US Open in 2021

There was still hope to make history. If he won the US Open, he would be the second person to win a Calendar Slam. Unfortunately, he lost to Medvedev and broke his racket in Agony.

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What’s next for Djokovic in 2022

Fortunately, Djokovic still has a chance in year 2022 by winning one more Grand Slam to create a world record of the most Grand Slams won by a single person.

Will Djokovic be able to get over his loss? Or will he give up tennis?

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