Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes for Kids

Shopping with kids is an adventure in itself, let alone shoe shopping with kids. Do you usually dread going shopping with your kids because of the chaos that comes along? If you’ve answered yes, a few tips on shoe shopping will definitely help you out. To minus the hassles of shoe shopping with kids, you can buy kids shoes online at Mochi shoes. With a few clicks on the easily accessible Mochi shoes website or mobile app, you can buy kids shoes right from the comfort of your home.

But before you embark upon your online shopping, here are the top 5 things to be considered before you buy kids shoes.

1. Measure feet size frequently

Your child’s feet change with their age. A child’s feet can grow up to 1mm per month, which means you need to check their feet size once every six months. Also, one of the feet is slightly larger than the other. You need to know which of your child’s feet is larger than the other while buying shoes. The new shoe must be 12-17 mm longer than the foot. But since kids don’t tend to sit in one place with patience, it’s wise to take out the sole of their shoe and measure it rather than directly measuring their feet.

2. Have their needs in mind

Before you buy kids shoes, have their needs in mind. If your child is too young to tie shoelaces themselves, it is best to buy shoes without shoelaces. Your best bet would be to opt for slip-on shoes or those with Velcro. If your child is too rough on their shoes, it’s wise to invest in a good-quality pair that offers a higher resistance. Don’t buy kids’ shoes just because they look cute. You should never compromise on their durability.

3. Purchase quality shoes

Breathability, durability and flexibility are some of the qualities that you shouldn’t compromise on when buying kids shoes. Since kids’ feet sweat a lot, opt for shoes that allow enough breathing space for their feet. Rubber soles should be incredibly durable so avoid thin soles that tend to wear out faster. Shoes should be flexible enough to avoid any sort of injuries to your child.

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4. Stick out your thumb

To know you’ve chosen the right size of kids shoes, stick out your thumb and make sure your kid’s big toe isn’t bumping up against the inside of the shoes. It’s ideal for a thumb’s width between their toe and the tip of the shoe.

5. Check the heel

Watch your toddler walk in the new shoes and hone in on the back of the shoe. If the shoes look loose or slide up and down, it could cause blisters to your child’s feet.

Final Thoughts

When you buy kids shoes, you should rule out the looks and focus more on the comfort and durability. So ditch the shoes with high heels or pointy toes because while they might look super trendy, they will only harm your child’s feet in the long run.

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  1. Buying kids shoes is a challenge especially if they are along with us. I always keep in mind what my kids need and not what the fashion is. Because sometimes we buy it thinking that it will look good but it is not comfortable for them.


  2. Great tips dear. I strongly agree with second point as most of the time we forget that. it is very important to keep individual need in mind before buying them. making impulsive decision make not be worthy at the end , when your choice did not full filled your child’s need.


  3. Sometimes it is hard to convince kids to choose comfort over trend. These pointers are surely helpful for buying shoes, hope return is advisable in the online shopping.


  4. My toddler had rejected 3 pairs of shoes/sandals that I bought online and finally I had to settle him forcefully on the final one. You tips are great and I do follow some of them but will check for others too next time


  5. Your post came at so right time to me I was in the process of buying new shoes for my kids via online shopping and wondering to take the perfect size for them. Never knew that both feet have different sizes.


  6. Great tips! I always face the problem when buying shoes for my kid so I always take my mom along with me. She does the same, always checks the thumb space.


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